CREJUVENT discusses his debut EP Time | Guest Blog

The whole writing and recording process for my Crejuvent’s debut EP Time was very memorable. The first ideas started sprouting at some point around 2015 and it took about a whole year to write since I was doing it sporadically in my spare time. In the summer of that year, where I started playing around with most of the ideas that ended up going on the EP, I moved in with my ex-girlfriend and that was rough. I had just left Uni, was struggling for money, and was thrown head first into this relationship that, looking back, was borderline abusive in some instances. The house we moved into was nice though…

I would spend most of my days at home playing World Of Warcraft and eating cheese puffs on my living room, and since my ex-girlfriend would leave sometimes for weeks at a time for work, I’d get up to the spare room in the house where I had my desk set up and just play around and write stuff late into the hours of the night. I was bored a lot and I spent an awful lot of time on my own, and I think all that extra time allowed me to articulate my depression through the music in a very memorable way. Oddly enough I don’t think I ever actually finished any songs that would up on the EP whilst I was living there, although I wrote and recorded a lot of silly little songs. Whenever she WAS home, however, was a different story, and I think that since most of the hardships in my life at that point were based around the relationship I retrospectively associate a lot of the anger and confusion that comes across on the songs to our time together.

When we eventually broke up and I moved out, I spent a few months couch surfing and was sort of forced to get a job of any kind. Eventually I got my own place around May 2016 and that was when I was able to finish writing the songs and properly plan out the EP. I had a little bit of peace of mind which allowed me to objectively look at the music that I had started writing and put all the emotional pieces together – an abusive relationship, unemployment, loneliness, depression, couch surfing for months, experimenting with drugs, all of that had taken a bit of an emotional toll and since I was starting to feel more comfortable with everything I thought it was time to lay all that out in the open and the aspects of that time that affected me the most wound up on Time.

Some of my most meaningful experiences in my life looking back happen during the summer or when the sun is out. I remember recording and mixing the EP very well because it happened during spring. I had these huge windows in my flat that really lit up the room. The carpet was this almost burgundy shade of red and the walls were slightly yellow, which created a sense of peace and focus when the sun shone through the windows. Looking out the window was this little courtyard that was full of bushes and vines and shit, and now that I think about it was probably the greenest view I’ve ever had during my time here in Liverpool. Despite recording and working on such heavy music, that sense of tranquillity and focus was key in me being able to concentrate my energy into something that was ultimately extremely cathartic. It definitely set up a standard for myself emotionally for my future releases.


MIDDLE DISTANCE join No Sleep Records and release single ‘Hiatus’ | Review

UK Alternative Rock band Middle Distance have joined independant record label No Sleep Records. The band from Bristol will release their new album Blueshift later this year. To celebrate their recent signing the band debuted a new single – ‘Hiatus’.

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ROSEHIP TEAHOUSE release new track ‘Growth’ | Review

Rosehip Teahouse recently supported Death By Shotgun at a fantastic gig at The Wave Maiden. Their set was magical and I was excited to get home and listen to more of their music. ‘Growth’ is their latest release and just as fantastical as before.

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Signed TWENTY ONE PILOTS Poster | Giveaway

After moving house I’ve decided to giveaway a signed twenty one pilots poster. The Alternative Press signed poster has barely been out of the thing they sent to me so its time it went to a loving home! Find out how to enter below.

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Of VIRTUE Releases Their New Album ‘ What Defines You’

This up and coming Michigan metal band are making waves in the states with the release of their newest album’ What Defines You’. With an array of songs, they have really showcased what they are capable of with this new music.

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BTS’ Jin releases solo track ‘Tonight’ | Review

Though I think every member of BTS is insanely talented, Jin is most definitely my bias (after a long period of deliberation). He now joins the majority of the band in releasing solo music having released his track ‘Tonight’ earlier this week.

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BTS rock Wembley | Review

This review is a new one for me – based on my experience watching that fantastic live stream and my sister’s experience at the actual concert. What is clear is that BTS continue to grow and no stage is too big for them. The incredible night won over the admiration of my Mum, who liked the music but now loves the boys too, and captured the hearts of millions across the world.

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SupMikeCheck releases new track ‘Never Be’ | Review

On May 5th SupMikeCheck dropped a song as well as a music video for his song Never Be which features Aj Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer.

The song starts out talking about being kicked out of someones life, whether it’s about a friend or a relationship it feels the same. But as the song goes on he begins talking about the possibility of everyone that left him will miss him after he’s already gone and it’s too late.

The song is about his struggles on whether or not he’s good enough for anyone. Throughout the song he questions where he stands in his life, what he’s capable of being good at.

Towards the end of the song he talks about not fitting in a mold, when it may not seem like the best spot, it makes you different and it makes you unique. Sometimes it’s better to not fit the mold than to be like everyone else, you’ll find your way someday. It might not be today or tomorrow, but you will, don’t give up Mike.

You can check out the song down below

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Milkk release video for ’90’s Baby’ | Review

On May 4th Milkk released their music video for their song “90’s Baby” from their newest album “Headrush” that came out earlier this year.

The song captures what it’s like to be a 90’s baby from the inside, the parts of us that they don’t see. They expect us to be fine, we show that on the outside but we really aren’t. But I feel that goes for everyone no matter the generation. But for now we’re focusing on 90’s babies.

My interpretation of the music video is that the chains is meant to represent us being locked inside of our minds with our bad thoughts, we’re stuck within our mind with the thoughts that hurt us the most. The weight of the chains are too heavy to lift to be able to escape.

I think the paint is meant to be heavy, like a heavy feeling; I think that’s meant to represent the drowning feeling when the chains get too heavy for us to take so we feel as though were drowning in all of our feelings, gasping for air, for something fresh that’ll save us.

One of the lyrics is, “But I’m breaking down and still stuck with the curse, I don’t really, don’t really know what to say, get out of my head, it’s too much to take.” would correlate with the feeling of drowning and the feeling of being weighed down and stuck from the chains.

These aren’t facts about the music video, this is how I interpreted it. You can watch the music video below when you click on the video. Don’t forget to comment how you interpret the music video and the song itself.

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