Motionless in White Releases Two New Songs

After days of teasing things on their social media’s for something that was speculated as a single by some but as an album by others, like myself and my mother, two huuuuge Motionless In White fans. They teased for a release today, April 17th.

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DEATH BY SHOTGUN rock The Wave Maiden | Live Review – 12/4/19

Death By Shotgun are the best thing to have come out of this site; a surprise set at a gig two years ago had me obsessed with this pop-punk band. Their small show at The Wave Maiden was intimate and bursting with energy.

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ATWOOD’s ‘At Odds’| Album Review

atWood’s first EP was released at the end of 2018 and has since revealed more and more about the up and coming trio from Italy. With a lot of good bops, ‘at odds’ has given me a reinforced love for female vocals.

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MAS MALO release new song ‘Dead To Me’ | Review

LA based Mas Màlo play with ideas of genre and style with their track ‘Dead To Me’. The 5-piece band came together from various bands across Los Angeles, drawing on their experience in pop-punk, post-rock and hardcore to create something unique.

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ANY GIVEN DAY Have Released Their New Album ‘OverPower’

This 11 track masterpiece has recently been released and I am living for it. This German metal-core band have perfected their style and I couldn’t be happier with what they have produced. ‘Overpower’ really shows their talents and gives an insight into them as a band.

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