Honeymoon – Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Her unique sound has won fans over in the past with singles like ‘Video Games’ and ‘Summertime Sadness’. Musically she draws influence from the greats of every genre of music, which can be heard in her songs. I think this is especially true of Amy Winehouse, although the two are stylistically very different there is a lot of similarities bringing them together. Del Rey has released the title track of her new album ‘Honeymoon’. Continue reading “Honeymoon – Lana Del Rey”

Young Blood – Saint Raymond

‘Young Blood’ is the debut album from Saint Raymond, aka Callum Burrows from Nottingham. There are quite a few brilliant artists coming from Nottingham right now (Amber Run instantly spring to mind) and Saint Raymond is no different; I have fallen in love. The album has such a brilliant sound that I can’t really place, but I can say it’s fabulous. Continue reading “Young Blood – Saint Raymond”

Go Big Or Go Home – American Authors

‘Go Big Or Go Home’ is the new single released by American rock band American Authors. They’ve said recently in interviews they don’t feel pressured by the success of their debut album, particularly their hit single ‘Best Day Of My Life’. After listening to this song you can understand why; looks like writing amazing songs is their forte.

Continue reading “Go Big Or Go Home – American Authors”

Hallelujah – Panic! At The Disco

I stumbled across Panic! At The Disco early this year and honestly can’t believe I hadn’t listened to them before. Since then I’ve listened to all their albums and fallen in love with their individual style and clever lyrics. Continue reading “Hallelujah – Panic! At The Disco”