Go Big Or Go Home – American Authors

‘Go Big Or Go Home’ is the new single released by American rock band American Authors. They’ve said recently in interviews they don’t feel pressured by the success of their debut album, particularly their hit single ‘Best Day Of My Life’. After listening to this song you can understand why; looks like writing amazing songs is their forte.

Watch the NBA playoffs? Then you’ve probably heard this song as it’s been used in the recaps and ads. It’s brilliant. Just like their previous album it has that feel good vibe that I now associate with American Author’s music. After just one listen you’re tapping the beat, humming along and soon enough the lyrics are ingrained in your mind. It has me massively excited for their next album.

Judging by this song they’ve decided not to stray too far from the sound in their debut album, which I’m incredibly happy about. I love seeing artists grow and develop, but I think American Author’s fill a gap in the music industry no one knew existed. That folk, rock, indie-pop combination is just pure brilliance and makes their music enjoyable to the majority of people. I’m glad they’re staying true to that, but that’s not to say they’ve not developed their sound at all; they sound more confident, and seem to embrace a slightly more pop and electronic sound, all whilst sticking to that amazing folk/rock romance we all needed and love.

I can’t wait for their next album, keep your eyes peeled guys! This one’s going to be good.

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