Young Blood – Saint Raymond

‘Young Blood’ is the debut album from Saint Raymond, aka Callum Burrows from Nottingham. There are quite a few brilliant artists coming from Nottingham right now (Amber Run instantly spring to mind) and Saint Raymond is no different; I have fallen in love. The album has such a brilliant sound that I can’t really place, but I can say it’s fabulous.

The title track ‘Young Blood’ is the second track on the album, and I really love it. It has an anthemic sound, it makes you want to get up and dance and sing along at the top of your lungs. This feel good song sets a great tone for the rest of the album and is one I’d recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to Saint Raymond before.

 ‘This Town’ is beautiful, really very beautiful. From the first few seconds I fell in love with it, it takes a more acoustic sound than the borderline electric on some songs on the album and it works so well for this song. It’s filled with emotion and that hits you from the very first second and only continues to pull you into the song. Every song I listen to I love, and that is 100% what to look for in an album and this one is a keeper.

Saint Raymond has a fairly unique sound, you’d definitely be able to pick out what songs are his. Saying that, he does remind me a little of Ed Sheeran mixed with George Ezra and Bastille. It doesn’t necessarily sound like it should work, but it really does. ‘Don’t Fail Me Now’ screams Bastille to me with the way the melodies are delivered, but still keeps the unique Saint Raymond sound. This may well be my favourite song on the album, I think it really stands out and holds its own, I could listen to this on repeat forever.

Every song stands out, I find myself humming along and tapping away with each one and honestly love every song on the album. Catchy lyrics are always important, and I’m already singing along to songs like ‘Bonfire’. There’s something about the song that draws you in, it’s fairly simplistic but I think the beat helps draw you in. I love the tone of Burrow’s voice and I think this song really showcases this without taking away from the song. A really brilliant song, there’s nothing that could be improved, after one listen you’re singing along with the chorus and can’t help but play it again. And again. And again. This song is a song for the summer and for those lucky enough to be seeing Saint Raymond live at festivals I think this song will have quite the impact.

I would definitely recommend this album, it maintains personality throughout and it really feels like Saint Raymond has a sound to stick with. I love everything about this album, it deserves its place in the Top 10. Big things are on the way for this artist without a doubt, I recommend checking him out and keeping an eye out for more music and tour dates.

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