Imagine Dragons Live @ Barclaycard Arena – 20/11/2015

Another amazing concert; Imagine Dragons fully live up to the hype. It was a flawless performance that had the crowd singing and dancing at all the right moments. The venue was brilliant, it was packed full of singing Imagine Dragons fans and I can’t imagine it any different. The room was buzzing with an energy that lasted the whole night.

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Christmas Jambz – Dallon Weekes

Now that it’s December we can bring out our Christmas trees and awful jumpers and get in the Christmas spirit. If there’s one thing that really makes it feel like Christmas it’s Christmas songs – so in the spirit of giving I share with you my favourite Christmas songs right now. ‘Christmas Jambz’ by Dallon Weekes is a two track masterpiece that will undoubtedly make you smile this holiday season.

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Twenty One Pilots Live @ O2 Academy Oxford – 7/11/2015

This was unlike any concert I have ever been to, there was an electric energy in the air that kept everyone on edge in the best of ways. I’ve never danced for so long in my life, and didn’t know that I was physically capable of it (and the aches and pains that followed would say that I’m really not). Every single person in that room enjoyed the show and were emotionally invested in the whole thing, as someone who’d been queuing since 11:30 finally getting into the venue was insane.

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Down South – Jeremy Loops

South African musician Jeremy Loops combines classic folk with beats you’d find in the top charts, this modern folk artist has already made waves in South Africa and I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t over here in the UK. He has a beautiful voice, combined with catchy and moving melodies, you’ll find yourself falling in love with his music. Although we aren’t able to download the album at the moment in the UK (although according to Facebook, Jeremy is looking at a November release) we can listen to ‘Down South’ on repeat, and I am perfectly fine with that.
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