Christmas Jambz – Dallon Weekes

Now that it’s December we can bring out our Christmas trees and awful jumpers and get in the Christmas spirit. If there’s one thing that really makes it feel like Christmas it’s Christmas songs – so in the spirit of giving I share with you my favourite Christmas songs right now. ‘Christmas Jambz’ by Dallon Weekes is a two track masterpiece that will undoubtedly make you smile this holiday season.

You may know Dallon as the bassist for Panic! At The Disco (although he’s recently announced that he is purely a touring member now) or maybe as the lead singer of The Brobecks (a band I highly recommend checking out). What’s clear is that he is an amazing artist and it’s little releases like ‘Christmas Jambz’ and ‘TWOMINCVRS’ that serve as a reminder of his brilliance and make me smile.

I could listen to Dallon sing for days, and often listen to The Brobecks on repeat, but this Christmas I’ll be listening to ‘Sickly Sweet Holidays’ over and over. I just adore it. This is definitely my favourite Christmas song right now, and I think it will be for a long time. It makes me smile, it has me singing along, it makes me think of Christmas and cuteness and that’s exactly what I want in a Christmas song. And just to make it a little more awesome, if you listen careful you can hear the one and only Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots singing backing vocals. If that doesn’t make you want to listen to this song then there’s no hope for you.

‘Christmas Drag’ is just as great. You’ll find yourself humming both these songs this Christmas season (and any other season). And I particularly love the ending of ‘Christmas Drag’, it makes me smile every time. So if you’re looking for something a little different this Christmas then this is it.

‘Christmas Jambz’ will be my Christmas jam, and it should probably be yours. Check it out, check out the other stuff Dallon’s been involved in and buy it. You will not be disappointed.

Xmas Jambz


Dallon Weekes

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