Imagine Dragons Live @ Barclaycard Arena – 20/11/2015

Another amazing concert; Imagine Dragons fully live up to the hype. It was a flawless performance that had the crowd singing and dancing at all the right moments. The venue was brilliant, it was packed full of singing Imagine Dragons fans and I can’t imagine it any different. The room was buzzing with an energy that lasted the whole night.

Sunset Sons have been the support act for Imagine Dragons on their UK and European tour – and what a brilliant choice it was. I’ve been a fan of the band for a while, since first hearing ‘She Wants’ on Spotify, and was over the moon when I found out they were supporting Imagine Dragons. They had the crowd jumping and swaying and singing along throughout their set and left me wanting a whole lot more. For those of you who like the band, they have their headline European album tour in March/April of next year. I strongly recommend checking these guys out – an amazing live performance and a collection of brilliant music.

When Imagine Dragons came out the crowd went insane. The use of lighting created an amazing atmosphere that filled the arena, the floor literally shaking with the bass and the beat. It was the start of a brilliant night. They built up slowly, building the tension in the room before belting out ‘Shots’ and having the arena shouting it with them.

One thing Imagine Dragons fans will know is that Dan Reynolds, lead singer and songwriter, is one hell of a speaker and as of late has been heavily involved in social projects. So it came as little surprise when he took the time to thank the crowd and address the actions of terrorists only a week prior in Paris. It was a touching moment for sure, just one of several that night, and reminded everyone of why they were there and just how articulate and moving Dan really is.

Of course ‘Radioactive’ was absolutely brilliant. It really blew me away. You get so drawn into the moment and the heavy drums and the singing, it felt like forever but it was over too soon. This song was made to be preformed live and I think is a moment that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sees them live.

The night was full of amazing moments, there’s not really one I could pick out as a favourite. Each song had the crowd singing and swaying, and every performance demonstrated just how talented the band is. ‘Gold’ was brilliant, with its abundance of gold lighting and backdrop, even the screens were tinted with gold, and I particularly loved the way the light would bounce off Wayne’s snazzy gold guitar.

One of the songs that really surprised me was the encore; they sang ‘The Fall’ which isn’t one of my favourites from the album but was definitely one of my favourite moments of the night. The crowd were showered in falling leaves that looked stunning, combined with the beautiful lighting – it was a perfect way to end the night.

Imagine Dragons

I couldn’t recommend these two bands more. Imagine Dragons exceeded my very high expectations and I’m interested to see how they can possibly top this next time round. They took an arena and made it feel like an intimate show, the time flew by and left me wanting more. Keep an eye out for new projects and check out both Imagine Dragons and Sunset Sons – it will be worth your time.


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