Blue Neighbourhood – Troye Sivan

‘Blue Neighbourhood’ is the type of album that transcends genre, everyone should give this a listen. It’s like a warm hug and a shoulder to cry on, it’s not in your face and begging for attention, but you’ll find yourself giving it anyway. This is easy-listening at its finest, full of relatable lyrics that are raw and honest, beautiful melodies and a voice that’ll make you smile. You can see why Troye Sivan has been making waves.

Once you’ve heard this album you won’t be able to stop coming back to it. It’s both new and familiar and beautifully calming. Each and every song is delivered with sincerity and emotion. ‘SUBURBIA’ is just one example of the brilliantly captivating style of Troye Sivan; perfectly catchy, honest and relatable even when it shouldn’t be.

Another song that really stands out to me is ‘BLUE’, this is the album I turn to when I want to relax and clear my mind. No matter what state of mind you’re in this masterpiece has something to offer.

I’m still not 100% sure what it is about this album, but it sure is something because I can’t stop coming back to it. The lyrics are just beautiful, you can’t help but be swept away by them if you take the time to really listen to them.

‘As the smile fell off your face I fell too’

‘So what are you waiting for, ’cause someone could love you more,          I’m just a LOST BOY’ 

We see quite a few collaborations on this debut album, each one works perfectly and brings in a new layer of the song. ‘HEAVEN’ is a perfect example of this, the addition of Betty Who adds her beautifully haunting and captivating voice to an already mind-blowing mix.

‘FOOLS’ is another favourite from this album (there isn’t actually a song I dislike) but it really is just a song that is relatable from beginning to end. It paints the picture of a relationship that’s falling apart, of when dreams and expectations don’t meet with reality, and it’s painfully realistic lyrics and stories like this that have me falling in love with Troye Sivan.

‘Only FOOLS fall for you.’

‘for him.’ is possibly one of my favourites from the album. You’ll be moving to the beat in no time. With clever lyrics that will undoubtedly make you smile (loving the Panic! At The Disco shout out) it’s just another great thing about this album.

This album will take you on a journey and it is definitely worth it. Sit down and listen to it, really listen, and appreciate the emotion in every song. There isn’t a single song on this album that I dislike and each one of them deserve to be written about – I strongly recommend buying the deluxe edition because those gems really make it worth it.

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’
Said by someone stronger than me
So what do I do now?



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