MAX – Wrong

I’ve loved MAX ever since I stumbled across his cover of ‘How to Save a Life’ years ago. It’s been an amazing ride and it feels like he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. This 23-year-old is the complete package; model, actor, dancer and singer. ‘Wrong’ is the second EP he’s released since signing to DCD2 – which is officially my favourite record label, and this EP is just as brilliant as the first.  

It features a remix of one of the biggest songs from his first EP, ‘Gibberish’ with help from label mates Travie McCoy and Patrick Stump. The remix is mind-blowing. ‘Gibberish’ was probably my favourite song from the first EP, and has an amazing music video, and I honestly couldn’t see them being able to top it. But I was clearly wrong. This remix completely changes the whole song; it blew all my expectations out of the water.

I never really know what to expect from MAX, this phenomenal singer could sing any style he put his mind, but I am always just blown away by the music he releases. ‘Wrong’ makes me wish I could dance, like many of MAX’s songs, and highlights his impressive range. This brilliant song is accompanied by an equally awesome video which I’ve come to expect from all music videos by MAX.

The change of pace with ‘That Kind Of Love’ is a welcome one. Compared to the high-energy, electronic, dance style of the other songs on the EP, this stripped, acoustic love song is exactly what you need. MAX could sing anything, but the emotion in this song is overwhelming. You’ll find yourself falling in love, smiling and swaying to this amazing song. His voice really takes centre stage here, with just the guitar accompanying his voice it really showcases just how brilliant a singer he is.

I just want to listen to this EP over and over again. I have yet to find a song sung by MAX that I haven’t liked. ‘Flight 609’ sees MAX hitting high notes I didn’t know existed, and you can hear the pop-soul roots in his voice. There’s something about his voice in this song that will get you hook, line and sinker. You can’t really put his music into a genre, it jumps around and takes the best parts from all of them and you can just add that to the list of things I love about MAX.

Thank you Pete Wentz for signing this superstar. MAX is going to be massive. ‘Wrong’ is available now and I highly recommend buying this EP (and ‘Ms. Anonymous’ while you are at it), you will not regret getting into this guy’s music. I for one am anxiously awaiting UK tour dates and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.




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