Waterparks release debut EP ‘Cluster’

‘Cluster’ is the first EP from pop-punk band Waterparks to be released via a record label. I heard about them through Mikey Way, from Electric Century and formerly of My Chemical Romance, who played bass on the EP. I’m just glad I decided to check these guys from Houston out – this 5 track EP sees a return to the ‘classic’ pop-punk sound.

Their songs make me want to bounce around and sing as loud as I can. Despite saying this EP is a return to the original pop-punk sound, songs like ‘Crave’ succeed in modernising the sound without straying from the parts we love. You’ll still be playing air guitar, bouncing at shows (or in your kitchen) and getting lost in someone else’s problems. ‘Crave’ will be on repeat for a while, I absolutely adore this song and can’t get it out of my head.

‘Mad All The Time’ is a return to the best of pop punk; relatable and angsty. There isn’t much more you could ask for. “I’m tired all the time” and “I feel mad all the time” couldn’t be more true for angsty teens, making this song the perfect anthem. I can see myself staring out the window whilst its raining with song blasting through my headphones. It’s one of those songs you want to play on repeat.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find pop-punk bands that lean towards punk rather than pop, but Waterparks succeed in maintaining the key components of a pop-punk song without giving themselves up to the conventional pop sound. This band is one to watch. I genuinely love this EP and I can’t wait to see what’s next for these guys, for now though I recommend buying the EP and trying to catch these guys live.



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