Twenty One Pilots – O2 Academy Birmingham 23/2/16

It’s no secret that I love Twenty One Pilots. But this show blew me away, last time I was surrounded by tall people and couldn’t see much, this time I was sat in the balcony with a perfect view and I don’t think life could ever get better. As usual the O2 Academy Birmingham was lovely, the staff were incredibly friendly and the security guards did a fantastic job of looking after the crowd.

Transviolet started the night and I thought they rocked it. One of the things I love about Twenty One Pilots is their ability to pick brilliant rising stars and Transviolet definitely fit into that category. It was clear that they were loving every second they had on stage, with their personalities shining through. They just announced a UK tour, so I recommend giving their EP a listen and getting down to see them.

Nothing can ever beat a twenty one pilots show, it really is something truly incredible. There’s always a mix of new and old fans and the show always brings them together, I met two lovely girls who helped make my night more memorable, and this is just another thing that makes the skeleton clique amazing. ‘Stressed Out’ has been particularly popular in the UK over the past month, featuring as the track of the day for Radio One and breaking into the charts. With this song as the second in the show it really grabs you and has you hook, line and sinker from the first few songs, choosing one of their most popular songs to go so early in the set is a bold but effective move and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

*Warning – Flashing Lights on all videos*

The crowd were particularly manic, so much energy is required for any show in the pit but I feel like twenty one pilots always manage to get you to give a little more. It was incredible to look out at the crowd during the show for a moment or two and to see what was going on, and it wasn’t always great (if people fall over in the pit, or anywhere, help them up guys) but there were moments when the crowd just looked like one entity and it’s amazing. During the song ‘Lane Boy’ the crowd gets as low as they can, waiting for the cue from the boys to jump up and start rocking out. Not many bands exercise that kind of control over their fans.

Josh Dun is the most talented drummer. I don’t care what arguments you have for me, I stand by this. He absolutely killed it, I didn’t know someone could go so hard for so long. It’s difficult for most drummers to interact with the fans, often getting shoved to the back, but Josh was just as captivating as Tyler. He rarely sits still and when he’s drumming it’s a sight to behold. How this man can play with the energy he does night after night on tour astounds me, but thank god he can.

One of the things I love about the live show is how responsive the crowd is, the FPE movement organise signs to hold up during one of the most emotional songs ‘Goner’ and it really is a sight to see. This song and ‘Trees’ make up the encore, and these two songs make me cry pretty much every time. As an album recording they get me, but when they’re live and Tyler is singing there is a whole new level to it – yet another reason why you should see them live.

It always amazes me how kind they are to their fans, with Tyler constantly checking on the pit and making sure it wasn’t getting too rowdy, and with nightly meet and greets decided by the giving of playing cards. Although we weren’t lucky enough to get the meet and greet cards, we did see Jenna (Tyler’s wife) and she was lovely. I also waved to Mark Eshleman (who I interviewed earlier this month) who flew in the day before and can’t wait to see what he does with the footage from the small string of shows he was here for.

Birmingham 23.2.16
Photo by: Mark Eshleman, Reel Bear Media

If you live in the US try to get tickets to Emotional Roadshow because you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Twenty One Pilots live. ‘Blurryface‘ is still my favourite album, so if you haven’t got that already then grab it now because there is nothing better. Also keep an eye out for festival announcements, they are playing Reading and Leeds here in the UK this year along with other brilliant artists.

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