Electric Century release brilliant debut album ‘For The Night To Control’ exclusively with Kerrang!

This debut album has been a long time coming, due to personal issues the initial release was set back, but now it’s here and the fans are going crazy. Electric Century sees ex-My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way joined by Sleep Station vocalist and New London Fire guitarist David Debiak.’For The Night To Control’ is everything I wanted from an Electric Century album – it’s one of those albums you can listen to over and over without getting bored.

We first heard Electric Century back in 2014 with their single ‘I Lied’, this was actually the first thing I’d heard from Mikey Way (and have since delved deep into MCR) and David Debiak and I fell in love with it instantly. This song brought comparisons to bands like fun. and twenty one pilots, but it is undeniably something new and different. The electro-pop sound is infectious and had me humming away and tapping my feet in no time. Another thing I love about this song in particular, but really the whole album, is the lyrics – they’re beautifully vague and allow the listener to take their own meaning from each song. ‘I Lied’ is about addiction, but really that’s all there is to it, as a listener it’s hard not to connect to this song and fall in love with it.

Our other sneak peek at what the album would sound like was ‘Let You Get Away’, which was made available for streaming back in 2015 . I remember loving this song from the first line, I loved the feel-good vibes that made me think of dancing in the sun in the summer with my friends. I can’t wait for it to actually be sunny so I can dance around with this blasting, but I’ll definitely be making my friends listen to it until then.

You can’t help but move along to songs like ‘Lately’ and ‘Right There’, this album really has a bit of everything. It’s relatable, it’s feel-good, it’s got songs that slow it down and make you feel, it is the whole package. You can sit there and sing along, or have it on in the background when you’re working.

‘Live When We Die’ is probably my favourite on the album, without even hearing it one time through I was already singing along. I love it a lot and so have many of the fans online. It’s a brilliant end to an album, leaving you wanting a whole lot more. It’s got this big anthemic sound, following a much slower, stripped beginning, that has me thinking of crowds singing it back.

One thing is for sure, Electric Century are only going to get better and better as they continue to grow and develop their sound with each other, and I’m excited to see what can be next. If you haven’t got the album, grab ‘For The Night To Control’ free with Kerrang issue 1610, a regular release is expected later. But keep your eye out, Electric Century are worth watching.

For The Night To Control


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