One – The Never Ending

Just hours after listening to The Never Ending for the first time (actually it started with Debby Ryan’s cover of Sweater Weather, which rocks by the way) a review of the debut EP ‘One’ was requested over twitter. I really like this EP, you get to hear the diversity of the band’s sound. This is a journey and has you captivated from beginning to end, each song connected by the beautiful voice of Debby Ryan.

‘When The Dark Falls’ is brilliant. As soon as it started I loved it, it’s haunting and beautiful. It has this enchanting folk sound that reminds me of holidays to Greece with my family, it’s truly beautiful and is my favourite on the EP. It was so unexpected, but brilliant all the same. I had to listen to it about 5 times before listening to the next one, it really got my attention. It’s a perfect end to the EP and had me wanting more.

You have the slow, chilled sound of songs like ‘ Mullholland Drive’ and ‘Before I Go Upstairs’. These are songs that will have you swaying along and humming along. Perfect examples of how a song will pull you in and make you feel something.

Contrasting with the more acoustic songs, you have ‘Call Me Up’ which is the kind of song you want to rock out to. I love this and if it weren’t for the genius of ‘When The Dark Falls’ this would have been my favourite. Again, it was a bit of a surprise after listening to ‘Mullholland Drive’ first and went to show that this band are doing the unexpected.

This EP explores a variation of sounds and I love it, I can’t wait to get my hands on the album which is hopefully coming soon. Keep an eye on this band – they could be something special. And if you haven’t already go buy ‘One’, it really is worth it.

The Never Ending

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