Interview with Adam French

I’ve been a fan of Adam French since I heard ‘Ivory’ on a Spotify playlist and have loved every song he’s put out. Since the last time I spoke to Adam he’s toured the UK, played shows in the US and released new music. He never seems to stop, but I caught up with Adam before his show in Oxford, we spoke about his latest EP, his recent trip to America and what’s next for him.

How was America?

America was amazing. It was pretty special. I was there for two or three weeks, and I went out there on my own for a little bit first to do a bit of recording and then the band flew out to me for the shows at the end of March. They flew out and we did a show in LA and then about a week after they got there we flew over to New York and did another show over there. All the while writing and recording and doing bits and pieces, but it was really special. The New York show was insanely good. It was a venue called Rockwood Music Hall, and that was just a real iconic moment, really nice to be a part of. Great people, great promoters, good crowd, good venue. All the rest of it, it just topped the whole trip off – it was really cool.


It looked really cool from the updates online.

Yeah, it was so cool. I tried to put as much as I could up on Instagram. It was a really enjoyable 3 weeks or whatever.


And how’s this tour been so far?

Really good. London was last night, that was probably the best gig, Manchester was great as well because that’s like where a lot of my friends are from and stuff so it’s good to see familiar faces and people who have come from my hometown and people who had been to earlier shows and were able to come check out this tour as well was great. We did Birmingham and Liverpool, which were both good, I just think Manchester and London have been my favourite so far. Then we’ve got Oxford, then Brighton and Bristol. I don’t know which order. I’m quite excited about Brighton, I love it as a city. Then back into the studio and crack on with the next EP.


You just released a new EP, which I listened to this morning – it’s great.

We did, thank you, that came out this morning, or late last night. That’s stuff we recorded a few months ago and just dropped it out to people and then follow it up in a couple of months with another one and we’re going to announce another tour, a Face to Face music video. That’s us for the next few weeks. Get stuff recorded, getting that single out.

Why did you choose ‘Face to Face’ as the title track for the EP?

It just felt like the most single-esque track on there. It felt like the one that was a little bit more instant than some of the others and that seemed to be the consensus with people that I asked for advice on what should be the lead track. They were very much like, yeah this works for us so, yeah. I was happy with that, I remember showing it to the band and they really liked it, I think it felt right for everybody.


If you could have dinner with 3 people alive or dead, who would they be?

Kurt Cobain, Jonny Cash and John Lee Hooker.

That’s a pretty nice meal!

Yeah, I had a relatively similar question asked to me recently. I’m just fascinated by the work they put out. Particularly Kurt Cobain, I’d have loved a conversation with him – see what’s going through his head.


Definitely, that would be so interesting. Do you have a favourite song on the EP?

Probably Euthanasia, which is why we put it out first because it was the one I was quite keen on just sharing with people earlier. It was one that I showed the band and they were excited by it, we enjoy playing it live. That’s probably my favourite.

The live video, the black and white one, is awesome.

Yeah, we’ve done quite a few of those now! But yeah, that’s definitely my favourite track on the EP. But I do like them all, I wouldn’t put them out if I didn’t like them.

What song would you suggest to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Euthanasia again. I think it’s just quite honest, and I like the fact that we got to keep it with the title Euthanasia and that people are still happy to play it on the radio. I didn’t think we’d get any radio play on that at all!

What else are you looking forward to this year?

We’ve got festivals coming up, we’re bridging into festival season now so straight after this I’m in the studio through May and then festivals. We’ve got a few European festivals that we’re doing this year, there’s a couple announced already and quite a few that haven’t been announced yet. I’m doing Boardmasters, which is a cool festival – I haven’t been but a lot of my friends go to it. There’s a German one called the A Summer’s Tale Festival, Sigur Rós and Noel Gallagher are headlining this year, with a few other people like Jose Gonzales. Stuff will be rolling out over the next few weeks, we’ll start announcing festival dates and a headline tour for September and stuff.

IMG_3151 (2)
Photo by: Amy Thomson, True Timbre

Make sure you follow Adam on social media to keep up to date on what’s happening. Listen to his latest EP ‘Face to Face’ now and fall in love. I definitely recommend trying to catch him live either on his next headline tour or at one of the festivals he’ll be playing at this summer.

Facebook: Adam French


This interview took place on 28/4/16.

Are there any questions you’d have liked to see? Let me know below. I’d love to hear what you think.

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