Twenty One Pilots release video for ‘Heathens’

It has been a rumour for a while that twenty one pilots would feature as part of a major movie soundtrack – and here it is. Their new track ‘Heathens’ joins the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Eminem and Imagine Dragons on the Suicide Squad Soundtrack and they just dropped an amazing music video for the first single from the soundtrack.

The video perfectly captures the song, and expertly weaves together clips from Suicide Squad. We see the two boys in prison, looking suitably insane, ending with them playing in front of other inmates. One thing is for sure, this music video was definitely worth the wait and deserves all the hype.

Whilst undeniably twenty one pilots, the song is still different to those on the Blurryface album and capture this ever-evolving musical journey. Lyrically the song is genius, as usual, and although its easy to see just how this fits with the movie fans have also been able to find meaning that allows this song to be used just about anywhere.

It’s incredibly catchy and I’ve been listening to this song non-stop. If this is what the next album is going to sound like then I am more than ready. The band are currently touring the US as part of their Emotional Roadshow Tour which will be taking on the world later this year. If you haven’t already then try and get tickets, because their live show is unlike any other, and buy the single – this is a song I can’t stop listening to and neither can the rest of my family!



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