Introducing Finding Miranda

Finding Miranda is an indie pop-rock quartet that formed in 2012. The band, consisting of Chay Appleyard (lead vocals, acoustic guitars), Lee Tallon (lead guitar), Jimmy Sallows (bass guitar) and Tony Buckley (drums), have since released EP’s and have played venues across Essex, Suffolk and London.

With new music on the way this is a band you’ll want to keep an eye on. Ironically, I first listened to ‘Hey Sunshine’ out in the sun on one of those rare summer days and I couldn’t contain my smile, these songs just capture that fun and relaxing summer feeling. These are the songs that you put on when you’re sat having a BBQ and the songs that will later bring back fond memories of the same thing.

This band deliver songs that you’ll find yourself humming and tapping along without even realising, a beautiful form of easy listening that despite not demanding your attention undoubtedly has you giving it anyway. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for new music and you should too.

FInding Miranda

Follow them on social media to get all the latest updates on new music and upcoming shows:

Facebook: Finding Miranda
Twitter: @findingmiranda


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