The Pugilist – Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson is an alternative musician, visual artist and poet. His personality shines through in each and every one of his artistic endeavours, be it classical music, a verse of poetry or his haunting lyrics. Henson suffers from anxiety and as a result rarely plays shows, but ‘The Pugilist’ is yet another reminder that there’s more brilliance to come.

I fell in love with this song instantly. There’s something magical about Keaton’s voice that pulls you in, every part of this is soothing. For some reason it feels like it shouldn’t be, with the lyrics looking at something slightly more serious, but it’s cathartic in the best of ways.

‘The Pugilist’ – a boxer, especially a professional one. At first glance you may not understand this, but Keaton battles with himself constantly not just because of his anxiety. Every new piece of art is a piece of his soul, like he sings the truth is he ‘needs us’ to assure him he’s “worthy”. This song encapsulates what may be, in his mind, the biggest fight – the fight to not be forgotten and to make an impact.

The crippling honesty is one of my favourite parts about his music. It reaches out and connects with your soul, this song is a desperate plead to not be forgotten. And honestly, I don’t see it happening any time soon. Keaton Henson is a gifted musician, despite his personal battles (perhaps even because of them) and he’s only getting better.

After all, he still has art in him yet.


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