Bea Miller releases music video for ‘yes girl’

Bea Miller has released a video for the first single from her upcoming second album, ‘yes girl’. She was a contestant in The X-Factor (US) before being signed and released her debut album last year. Since then she’s opened for Selena Gomez on her Revival tour and has gained more and more fans.

I started listening to Bea after my sister fell in love with her, we ordered her debut album from the US and had it on in the car for months. It’s hard not to enjoy her music and ‘yes girl’ follows in that vein.

The song itself is fairly stripped back, but the lyrics hit hard. It is empowering and moving, for me showing a maturing Bea Miller who is growing more comfortable with herself and her music and her writing. I feel like she’s given us a piece of her soul with this song.

I love the video for ‘yes girl’, it’s beautifully simplistic and captures the song without limiting it to one meaning. As a fan seeing other people tweeting about what it means to them has been really interesting.

This just makes me more excited for her second album, which is hopefully coming later this year. And seeing the smile on my sister’s face tells me I’m not the only one. Do yourself a favour and listen to her music and keep an eye out for more music and live dates.


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