Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit

When he’s not busy being one half of indie-rock duo Mount Dreams, Mehdi Benjelloun makes dreamy dance music as Petit Biscuit. ‘Sunset Lover’ is a beautiful track accompanied with a fabulously simple video. If you want a track to listen to when you sit down and unwind – then this is it.

This song is just beautiful. The slow build pulls you in and calms your soul, and I could listen to this on repeat forever. Simultaneously upbeat and melancholy; classical and electronic; simple yet intricate, ‘Sunset Lover’ showcases the unique sound he has cultivated. A truly cinematic audio experience is accompanied with an equally wonderful music video. Nothing about this song or it’s visuals commands your attention, but it has every last part of it.

The track itself has been available for a while, but the music video is a new addition. Clips from the video come from some of his first live shows and certainly has me wanting to catch a live performance.

Spotify has done it again in introducing me to new music. Petit Biscuit is the type of artist that once you discover, he never truly leaves your mind. This song is perfect for days when you just want to unwind and for those days when a smile seems hard to find. I can’t recommend his music enough, and if you haven’t heard it already – then you know what to do.

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