Cold World – Of Mice and Men

Possibly their rawest album yet, ‘Cold World’ is the fourth album from Of Mice and Men. The band have had their fair-share of success already; their last album ‘Restoring Force’ reached the Top 5 in the Billboard 200 and they’ve shared the stage with artists like Metallica, Linkin Park and recently, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson. This diverse album jumps from intense metalcore to mainstream rock seamlessly, no doubt attracting new fans to the band from outside the metalcore world.

Our introduction to this album is ‘Game of War’, this track builds and builds with haunting lyrics and steady beats. The simplistic nature of this song is an immediate introduction to their new sound and their drift from metalcore, with a focus on clean vocals that have a lot to say. It acts as a hook, if you like it then you’ll probably be in for the whole ride – if not, then you may not stick around to hear the other brilliant songs on this album.

One of the songs that hits hardest on this album is ‘Pain’, an auditory manifestation of singer Austin Carlisle’s everyday struggles with Marfan Syndrome and his decision to abandon pharmaceutical drugs. This cathartic anthem has no clean vocals, making it all the more hard hitting and a favourite of those fans who love this band at their heaviest. The dark and twisted video captures the energy of the song, driving home the strong emotions from this raw and intimate anthem.

‘Real’ is probably my favourite from this album. Like all the songs on ‘Cold World’ it has a deeply personal feel to it, as you journey through the album there is a sense of discovery and understanding of just who the band are; both as individuals and as a group. This radio-ready single encapsulates the small steps away from metalcore towards a more accessible rock sound, growing their fanbase even further. The video incorporates fans from around the world sharing what makes them feel real, yet another reminder of the real connections between people. This will likely be the one you’ll find yourself singing in the shower.


Songs such as ‘Like A Ghost’ and ‘Contagious’ remind us that the ‘old’ Of Mice and Men haven’t gone anywhere. The songs combine powerful vocals, both clean and screamed passionately, with spoken words and guitars that make you want to spin around aimlessly. Get ready to mosh to these ones concert-goers.

And in ‘The Lie’ we have a festival-ready rocker, treading the line between soft and sweet and hard and heavy perfectly. Not quite reaching the cathartic release of songs like ‘Pain’ and ‘Contagious’ but definitely leaving you wanting more. I can see this being a big hit at festivals, especially if the band were to play at shows like Reading and Leeds.

‘Cold World’ demonstrates an evolving band beginning to explore the genres surrounded metalcore. Its an exciting taste of what is to come from this band, punchy vocals delivering lyrics that’ll make your head spin if you think about them for too long. Of Mice and Men have dates across Europe and the US to come, so make sure you check out their  site and try to grab tickets.


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