Change of Heart – no rehearsal

no rehearsal combine elements of blues, indie and pop rock. Their versatile style isn’t contained by genre, instead drawing from their numerous influences to create songs that can’t really be classified as one genre. The trio from Houston, TX, consists of Matthew Cobb, Christian Mireles, and David Shorey. The EP ‘Change Of Heart’ captures the feel of the band perfectly and won me over straight away.

This EP has a definite nostalgic sound to it, smooth vocals and blues-inspired guitars transport you to another place. Their eclectic sound sets them apart from most bands, its a sound that is undeniably no rehearsal yet contains aspects that remind you of all your favourite bands. This is especially true of ‘Summer’ and ‘Know’. The superb riffs pull you in from the start and have you hooked.

During those hours of study with friends ‘Back to Fall’ has become a favourite of mine to play. Although I can’t help but sing along, it never fails to make me smile despite how dull whatever I’m doing may be. This was the first song I heard from the band and I knew immediately I was going to like them.

‘Can’t Stop’ is one of those songs that gets you moving, I love this one and was singing along in no time. It brings to mind bands like Vinyl Theatre and Walk The Moon (both of whom I love). This is one I’d love to hear on the radio and that I put on when I just want to smile.

This young band are only just getting started, I for one can’t wait to hear what’s coming next. Listen out for no rehearsal – they’ll undoubtedly be playing on your radio soon if they continue like this.


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