Hands Like Houses @ The Joiners, Southampton – 28/10/16

Hands Like Houses’ show at Southampton’s Joiners was a last minute affair, organised due to the cancellation of Of Mice And Men’s ‘Cold World’ Tour. Though it was more than worth it, the intimate venue provided a chance for newer fans to catch them in a new light. Support for the night came from up-coming band Glass Foundations.

Photo By: @woodark, Instagram

Glass Foundations kicked the night off brilliantly, I’d heard their song ‘Sink like a Feather, Float like a Stone’ thanks to BBC Introducing and their live show was great. Their set was a mix of covers and original music, the crowd getting particularly excited for their cover of You Me At Six’s ‘Swarm’. The set was filled from beginning to end with brilliant music, awesome guitar riffs and amazing vocals (and drum beats that were more than a little infectious). You should definitely give these guys a listen, I absolutely loved the set and can’t wait to hear more music and catch them live again!

Photo By: @woodark, Instagram

The show was unique because it saw them playing their most recent album ‘Dissonants’ front to back. It was interesting seeing an album preformed in its entirety, hearing live versions can shed light on songs and meaning. Another bonus of the intimacy of the venue was being able to catch up with members of the band, we met Alex again at the merch desk and had a lovely chat before spending all our money.

We were right at the front, able to enjoy every little antic on stage from Matt Cooper  dancing around barefoot or Joel Tyrrell’s theatrical antics. A highlight of this show (and every Hands show) is looking over at guitarist Alex to see him smiling like an idiot as he sang along to his own songs, it was a refreshing change to see someone that happy to be there.

Of course, you can’t not mention front-man Trenton. His stage presence is commanding, even in such a small area he was using every inch of the space available. There was barely a second he wasn’t moving, throwing himself towards the crowd or headbanging – more than once I was whipped with the microphone wire and I’m not even mad.

Photo By: @woodark, Instagram

The night didn’t end with ‘Dissonants’; the band performed a few fan favourites from their previous album which only excited them further.There wasn’t a dull moment in the set and the crowd were loving it, crazy mosh-pits, wild jumping and loud screams filled every second.

If you’re a fan of either of these bands then you have to take the time to see them live because there is nothing like it. Live performances capture the energy of the songs in a completely unique way and every single live show has its own feel.

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