Glass Foundations – Karma Catalyst

You may recognise this band from BBC Introducing. I caught Glass Foundations opening for Hands Like Houses in Southampton earlier this month and was blown away. I loved the show, I loved the songs and I love this band. This is their debut EP ‘Karma Catalyst’, out today – make sure you give it a listen and go download.

‘Float Like A Stone, Sink Like A Feather’ was the first song I’d heard from Glass Foundations and I loved it. Seeing it performed live was brilliant. It’s really refreshing to see a female fronted band within this genre and Miranda is definitely more than capable of helping take this band to the top. The EP is filled from beginning to end with beautiful vocals and brilliant riffs all expertly weaved together to create captivating songs.

The lead single ‘My Worst My Best’ opens the EP and really captures the sound of the band. It had me hooked from the first second and when the powerful vocals came through I couldn’t stop listening, if you like ‘My Worst, My Best’ then you’ll love Glass Foundations. This EP demonstrates that this band aren’t tied down to a specific genre, playing with pop punk sounds on ‘Happy Management’ and a heavier sound on ‘Innocence’. Hearing the range of influences on ‘Karma Catalyst’ just makes me more excited to hear new music from these guys and to see them gain more fans.

One of my favourites on this EP is ‘Happy Management’, there’s something about the structure of this song that pulls you in from the very start. It grabs you at the very beginning and doesn’t let you go ’till the song ends, you can’t help singing along and tapping your foot.

I knew from the beginning of this EP that I was going to love it and I highly recommend giving it a listen, especially if you’re into rock bands like Paramore, You Me At Six and We Are The In Crowd. It most definitely bodes well for the future, it’ll be exciting to see where this band is headed. Remember to go buy ‘Karma Catalyst’ and to follow Glass Foundations on social media to stay up to date.

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