Interview with Maefire

Australian band Maefire’s first single earned them a sold-out show at The Worker’s Club in Geelong, since then the band have played alongside bands like The Maine and As It Is. Their still-changing rock sound is perfect for fans of The Neighbourhood and The Maine. Guitarist Cameron Eaton sat down to answer my questions; we talk earliest musical memories, future goals and their change in sound.

Where did the band name come from?

One night whilst thinking hard on a band name I heard the song ‘Mae’ by the gaslight anthem and thought it was a nice name for a girl, shortly after I thought of a friend’s band who were contemplating calling themselves ‘The Fires’ before I knew it the two had collided in my mind and Maefire was born!


How did you all get together?

Dave Scammell and I have always been alike in our musical ideals, we played in a previous band together and decided to start something new, we’d asked Geoff one night (drunkenly) at a karaoke bar if he’d like to join and that was that! Dave Tran came later but he had played previously in a band with Geoff so matched up perfectly! We all knew each other mutually because of music over the years though!


What inspired you to become musicians?

Connection – forming a musical bond with your listeners and audience is something that drives you to want to create and entertain.


Was that what you always wanted to do?

Yeah! It’s like something in your bones guides you to fulfil your place up on stage and once you get up there for the first time it becomes an unquenchable thirst! As well as the ability to create music with yourself and others that could make other people happy in some way.


What song would you recommend to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

A song off our upcoming EP called ‘So Much To Give’ not only is it very relatable but it also showcases Maefire’s diversity in music.


I love ‘Crawling’ and your self-titled EP. If you could sum up your sound in 3 words, what would they be?

Thank you so much! Innovative, Passionate and Groove-Driven


There’s a shift in your sound with ‘Crawling’, was this a conscious decision?

Agreed – But no, not consciously – the song originated on piano but by the time we took it to the studio it became what it is simply through what worked with it.

What artists influence you as a band? Who do you admire?

We really admire The Neighbourhood – those guys influenced us to change direction with our sound and showed us its ok to be different musically! As far as influences a staple one would have to be Kings of Leon what a band!


Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

We’d love to have ‘Crawling’ remixed by an amazing EDM producer or artist!



My Mum insists that in every interview I ask; what apps do you have on your phone and which one is your favourite?

Beside the standard social networking ones – Myself and Geoff’s favourite app is 8Ball Pool! We get very competitive.


What’s next for you guys? Can we expect a full LP soon?

Firstly, we’ll finally release our new EP ‘Crystal Eyes’ after that we’ll continue to write for the next release! Unless we have label backing it’ll most likely be an EP but let me tell you it’ll be epic!


Can we expect to see you playing shows in the UK anytime soon?

Oh! We’d love nothing more than to come to the UK! If we get the right opportunity, we won’t hesitate!


Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Probably just 4 or so Whiskeys. Once we sang A Whole New World together – that was amazing.


What would you like to achieve through your music?

As I said before, connectivity – just the ability to reach people through your music makes it all worthwhile!


To you, what is the most important part of a song?

It’s the structuring of a song and strength of a chorus – if you can look past the boring old A to B of song writing and back it up with a catchy chorus you’re doin’ it right!


What do you think is the easiest and hardest part of a song to write?

Vocal melody and hooks – it’s very hard to create something unique.


If you’re buying music, how would you do so: CD, vinyl or digital?

Well digital is the easiest but nothing beats Vinyl, once you spin that record the sound is so authentic and full.


What is the most challenging song to play live?

Great question, it’s ‘Without You’! The drum beat is quite intricate and guitar wise between switching effects and an awkward strumming pattern it’s hard to pull off.

What’s your earliest musical memory?

Me personally was having a great love of Cold Chisel and Jimmy Barne’s voice, thanks to my parents I knew every word to their songs!


What’s your fondest musical memory?

Going back to a very early Hardcore/Punk band I was in and playing my first ever live show in a garage to like 20 people.


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Keep at it and give it everything you’ve got – it’s a hard road but very worthwhile! Also, make sure your band is full of like-minded people if you’re all not on the same page it won’t work.


Have you ever met an idol and freaked out about it?

Well I touched Bruce Springsteen’s leg whilst he was crowd surfing once as weird as that sounds I was pretty stoked.


What would be your dream tour?

Around the world with a tour package full of friends and bands we look up to!


Where would you be, ideally, in 5 years?

Fulfilling that dream tour and making a career out of music 🙂


Keep an eye on this band, they’re only getting better as they find their place within the industry. Go give them a listen, grab their EP and get yourself ready for their next release – it’s going to rock.

Follow Maefire on social media for the latest news :

Twitter: @maefireband

Facebook: Maefire



This interview took place on 7/11/16.

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