Interview with Ziety

Ziety has been popping up on my timeline for a while now, appearing on my SoundCloud playlist, just from seeing what the fans around her have been saying I knew she was great. Surrounded by a core group of loyal and loving fans, recently she’s been finding more and more followers through her genuine and authentic music. We spoke about her musical influences, future goals and having her first single on iTunes.

Where did the name come from?

This is actually one of my most frequently asked questions and by far my favorite to explain.  When I first started creating music I knew that I had to have a name that represented who I was as an artist. A name that really stood out and grab people’s attention. I went through many ideas and I kept asking myself if there was any way I could somehow include my actual name “Mickenzie” into the band name. It was on a day like any other, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was having an off day, and my anxiety was pretty bad. Music is my medicine when it comes to being anxious. After I started creating a new song it all at once hit me. I would use “Anxiety” although like I mentioned before I wanted my real name to be a part of it as well. So I thought about it and ended up taking the last three letters of my name “ZIE” and adding them with “TY” from “Anxiety” and the name was born.


What inspired you to become a musician?

When I was a child I remember watching successful artists play on stages, and how many people were a part of the shows. I knew that I wanted to do that as well. I wanted to create something that everyone could be a part of and can share my passion for music with those who felt the same. I believed in chasing dreams.  It was always the way I felt about music that really inspired me to chase that dream.


Was that what you always wanted to do?

Absolutely, although growing up I of course always changed my mind. I wanted to be a doctor, then a veterinarian, but I always found my way back to music. It’s a part of who I am and I always knew that it’s what I was meant to do.


What song would you recommend to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

That’s actually a pretty difficult question. The songs I have created all have different meanings. I would want them to hear them all, but if I had to choose I would want them to listen to “Conversations with the Night” mostly because it brings together all of the feelings and emotions I am trying to bring to this music.

Your followers recently shot up, that must have been an insane feeling?

It was exactly that. INSANE! It came as such a shock. It was definitely a milestone for me and for those who have helped me get this far. I still find myself confused when I see my followers, then I remember. It’s such a wonderfully crazy feeling.


What artists influence you as a band? Who do you admire?

The artists who has influenced a lot of this music is definitely twenty one pilots. They inspired me to continue this dream. To not be afraid to write what I feel. To be open minded and humble. To always remember that without the fans this music would just be lost. They have gotten me through a lot of dark times and hopeless nights while writing. I’ve also been inspired by artists such as James Vincent MCmorrow, Bon Iver, MUTEMATH, Amber Run, and Imagine Dragons.


You not long ago released your first single on iTunes, how did that feel?

Honestly, surreal. It still doesn’t seem real or possible for that matter. When I first noticed it was on iTunes I called my best friend Gracie, then my mom. I was so stoked and had so many mixed emotions.


Your next single is being released soon. What are your plans for after that?

Yes, “Conversations with the night” is going to be my second iTunes release and I’m super excited! Also, I’m currently working on an album called “Identity” that focuses on finding yourself. It brings to light the fact that we all have two sides; one that we show everyone, and one that we have when we are alone in our rooms when the night-time comes around. How we struggle to decide which one of those identities is the real “you.” I can’t leave out the fact that I have an amazing drummer working with me, her name is Bailey. I also have a brilliant Graphic designer who is helping to make sure that the songs come to life through art. My best friend Gracie has also been a huge help on reassurance and bringing optimism when needed. None of this would be possible without those people and the ones who have been there from the beginning. They know who they are.


Can we expect a tour anytime soon?

We are currently focusing on getting the debut album released and are very optimistic that we will begin live shows soon after the release and who knows maybe a tour soon after that.


Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

A dream collaboration would definitely be to work with Twenty One Pilots. To be able to work with such humble artists and grow from the experience as an artist myself would be amazing.


My Mum insists that in every interview I ask; what apps do you have on your phone and which one is your favourite?

Great Question! 🙂 I of course have the normal social medias; Twitter, Snapchat and things of that sort. I also Have GarageBand and that has to be my favorite. Mostly because any time I am inspired I can immediately try to create what I am hearing. If someone got an award for using GarageBand on a daily basis, I’m sure I would get it.


Can we expect to see you playing shows in the UK anytime soon?

Hopefully! I would LOVE to visit the UK and to able to share this music with all of the brilliant people there would be so humbling. It may take a little bit, but I plan on touring there sometime in the future!


You have a lot of really dedicated fans, but is there any fan interaction that really stands out to you or is most humbling?

When a fan tweets me or messages me that the music has inspired them to create, to follow their dreams, or to Stay Alive, my heart always drops. I appreciate all of those people who reassure me that this music really is helping them to exist and to feel less alone. I of course have many doubts as an artist and those interactions really help me to stay on track. A lot of the fans also feel really comfortable with asking for advice when they are going through a hard time and that definitely humbles me as a person and an artist. I consider my fans my friends, and I would do anything to make sure that my friends are okay.


Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I haven’t got to play any shows recently for the new music, but when I would play in the past I would always listen to the song “First Breath after Coma” by Explosions in the Sky before I went on. Post-Rock instrumentals really help to calm my nerves and mind.


What would you like to achieve through your music?

I want to bring people together. To give them a voice, and to make sure they know that they have a purpose. To show the importance of all aspects of the art.


To you, what is the most important part of a song?

The music itself. The chord progressions are definitely the most important part of a song in my opinion. Through those chosen chords alone you set the tone for the whole song. If I’m writing a sad song I’ll go with minor chords to give a deep feeling, and major chords is a more upbeat sound. The chords determine the feelings that the listener will get and I believe that you should always feel something in your soul when listening to a song.


What do you think is the easiest and hardest part of a song to write?

The easiest part of writing a song is the idea. To have the music in your mind, to know what you’re going for. The hardest part is trying to transfer that idea into actual words and sounds.


If you’re buying music, how would you do so: CD, vinyl or digital?

I love physical CD copies. Mostly because of the artwork and detail put into making the album. I love reading what the artists put inside the lyric booklets. I believe that when you put artwork with a song/album it brings it to life, and when you purchase a digital copy you miss out on that.


What is the most challenging song to play live?

I haven’t played the new songs live yet, but during practice I would have to say that “Monster” is by far one of the more difficult songs to play, although I believe that an artist can grow by playing a challenging track.


What’s your earliest musical memory?

My sisters were very talented Softball athletes and they are a bit older than me, so when I was 4 years old My family would attend their high school games. I remember getting to sing the National Anthem at those games. I was pretty sure that at that time, my 4-year-old self was convinced that I sounded just like Britney Spears.


What’s your fondest musical memory?

My Pop (Grandfather) was always one of my biggest supporters. There was always one song that he loved to hear me sing growing up. It was from a movie called “Oh Brother Where art Thou.” The song was called “Down By The River.” He would always make me sing it for him, and of course I didn’t mind.


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

If you feel like music is your purpose, pursue it. Yes, the music industry is hard to get into, but you have to start somewhere. Music Is not about the fame. If you want to play music, start at local coffee shops and open mic events. Start small. No matter what, don’t give up. It may sound cliché, but I mean it. Music takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you stick with it, you’ll get where you want to go.


Have you ever met an idol and freaked out about it?

Sadly, no. Hopefully someday I’ll get to meet my biggest inspirations. I always carry a note with me just in case I somehow run into them.


What would be your dream tour?

A world tour. I love to travel and experience new things. If I got to do that and also play a show every night my dreams would have become a reality. To be able to interact and share this passion with all of the world would be surreal. Someday.


Where would you be, ideally, in 5 years?

Three Words.

Madison Square Garden.


I am so excited to see where Ziety is going, it’s refreshing to hear more and more rising artists with a genuine passion for creating authentic music designed to make you feel. Listening to this music gives me a feeling not dissimilar to the one I get listening to twenty one pilots; less alone, less afraid and more aware. Keep an eye on her, surrounded by brilliant talent and a talent herself, these guys are going places.

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