Intertwined – dodie

Youtuber Dodie Clark has recently released her debut EP ‘Intertwined’, featuring some well-loved classics from her channel as well as a few new tunes. I hadn’t heard Dodie Clark’s music before University, where my friend wouldn’t stop playing her. I have fallen in love with these soft, intimate songs and highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of ‘Intertwined’.

Lead single and title track ‘Intertwined’ kicks the EP off, a perfect reflection of Dodie herself – small, sweet and incredibly heartfelt. There isn’t a moment on this EP that doesn’t feel genuine and authentic, it pulls at your heartstrings with ease and will have you tumbling headfirst into adoration.

This collection of songs doesn’t demand your attention, instead, quite naturally, you find yourself giving it anyway. ‘Sick of losing Soulmates’ is a song I’ve heard many times before, but hearing the studio version was like hearing it all over again. The focus is still on Dodie’s beautiful voice, which overpowers the background music with ease. These songs will make you feel in the best and worst of ways, and over time these songs begin to capture your own memories.

The EP ends with a live version of ‘When’, a nice and somewhat unexpected twist. This song is just as flawless as any other on the EP, the live performance making it feel that little bit more intimate and personal. The addition of the strings gives this song more power, immediately hitting you with emotion. ‘Am I the only one wishing life away?’ Relatable lyrics that will inevitably provoke your own questions, this song (and this whole EP) will linger in your head for a while.

For a first release Dodie has blown this out of the water, a beautiful collection of songs that will have you hooked on her music. I’m already excited for what will come next. She is touring the UK in March of next year, the shows are all sold out now – but if you were lucky enough to grab tickets then you won’t be disappointed. If you haven’t already, go out and buy this EP, it is genuinely brilliant.

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