Please Don’t Jump (It’s Christmas) – Dallon Weekes

Christmas came early this year, November is just coming to an end and Dallon Weekes has released another Christmas song. ‘Christmas Jambz‘ was my jam last year and I see this being the same. ‘Please Don’t Jump (It’s Christmas) is infectious. Give it a listen:

Dallon Weekes is one of my favourite artists and has been since I first heard The Brobecks. ‘Please Don’t Jump (It’s Christmas) has an unusual view on the Christmas period, but one I definitely appreciate. As Dallon addresses in the description of this video, this song is for those who are lonely or depressed over this time. He urges people to speak out and seek help and reminds them they’re not alone.

For me, this song is just another reason to fall in love with Dallon Weekes and his random releases. This song drags you in and holds your attention captive. It’s one of those songs that you want to listen to over and over, and every time you’ll notice something new. As soon as it starts it has that sound that I associate with Dallon, something unique and wonderful.

Make sure you check out Dallon’s Christmas releases, it won’t be something you regret. He’s also released some awesome looking merch (and a re-isssue of ‘Violent Things’ from The Brobecks) just in time for Christmas so take a look at that. Keep your eyes peeled for more news from this guy.


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