Fiction Act – Everywhere

London alt-rock band Everywhere recently released their second EP ‘Fiction Act’ following the success of their acclaimed track ‘Some Other Dude’. This EP saw them travelling to Stockholm, Los Angeles and London to work with various producers, including American hit-maker Mark Needham (The 1975, The Killers). ‘Fiction Act’ is an EP that fits beautifully into the sound of the Alt charts at the moment and I loved every second of it.

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Interview with Owleye

Owleye are a post-hardcore band from Denver. Their various influences help create a unique sound, which they fill to the brim with emotion – something fans love about their live show. Vocalist Tim took the time to answer my questions, talking about musical influences, the origin of their name and the most challenging song to play live.

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Twenty One Pilots and Mutemath reimagine songs with TOPxMM

Two of my favourite bands got together in the studio; Twenty One Pilots teamed up with Mutemath to release 5 remixed songs. Mutemath provided support on the Emotional Roadshow Tour and have joined them again to create an awesome little EP of remixed songs. This blew me away. Check out the video from Reel Bear Media below and go download the songs for free.

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former self – Old Notes

‘former self’ desperately cries for your attention, and once taking it turns you inside out and upside down. Old Notes, a three-piece emo rock band from California, only formed in April 2016 and a few months later produced this stunning album. With an album that beautifully weaves together elements of emo, ambient rock and pop-punk, it is definitely worth a listen.

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Canvas Skies – Green Screen Kid

I spoke to Green Screen Kid earlier in the year and have been anticipating this release for a while. This latest release was produced by Rian Dawson from All Time Low and is absolutely amazing. Make sure you check out ‘Canvas Skies’, the video is below:

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Interview with Jesse Cale

I spoke to the wonderful magical being Jesse Cale and it was brilliant. You recognise him from his #SmoothieRevolution or through his work in music; writing and producing as well as touring with people like Vesperteen and Dodie. We spoke about his new publishing company, smoothies and some of his fondest musical moments.

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Interview with Maxdmyz

Maxdmyz are a five-piece metal band based in London. The band are well established on the UK scene, having built up a reputation for brilliant live performances and innovative and original alternative metal. They took the time to answer some of my questions; we spoke about dream tours, future goals and their influences.

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