former self – Old Notes

‘former self’ desperately cries for your attention, and once taking it turns you inside out and upside down. Old Notes, a three-piece emo rock band from California, only formed in April 2016 and a few months later produced this stunning album. With an album that beautifully weaves together elements of emo, ambient rock and pop-punk, it is definitely worth a listen.

First track ‘Urn’ had me hooked and as soon as the vocals came in, I was in love. Immediately they brought to mind bands like Movements and twenty one pilots. Lyrically they explore themes that encourages the listener to get involved and sonically they give their words that extra kick. This is a perfect way to introduce the album, as it immediately gives you a taste for a band that is authentically raw and emotional.

‘Father’s House’ would be my favourite from the album. A song that’s eerily relatable, ending with a morose yearning to be known and a saddening realisation of self-hatred. This collection of songs takes the listener on their own journey of realisation, and it’s this that really sets Old Notes apart from other bands.

This album shows a band that knows what works for them, it gels together beautifully with not a single track out of place. ‘Hillside’ brings the album to an end perfectly, enchanting guitars lull you into a peaceful calm and wailing lyrics about death linger in your mind for hours after the song has ended. I have listened to this album over and over and every time I fall a little more in love.

There isn’t a song on this album that doesn’t crawl into your mind and make you feel. The album overflows with pain and anger and sadness that fills your veins. With this being their debut production, I look forward to seeing what they produce next – and if it’s anything like ‘former self’ make sure you have the tissues ready.



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