Twenty One Pilots and Mutemath reimagine songs with TOPxMM

Two of my favourite bands got together in the studio; Twenty One Pilots teamed up with Mutemath to release 5 remixed songs. Mutemath provided support on the Emotional Roadshow Tour and have joined them again to create an awesome little EP of remixed songs. This blew me away. Check out the video from Reel Bear Media below and go download the songs for free.

The songs themselves are mind-blowing, but to not watch the video is sacrilege – who would want to miss those dance moves anyway. Reel Bear Media hits another home run with a beautifully shot video, there are so many talented people involved from the artists, to designers and crew members and it culminates in a stunning piece of art.

The Mutemath influence fits in perfectly, like the jazzy Christmas jumper with lights that you thought may not work but damn it actually looks good – great in fact. it was not a collaboration I saw coming, especially not like this. But, boy am I glad! Listening to the remixed ‘Heathens’ is giving me all the feels as I bounce along to a song that feels brand new.

The addition of the cello is probably one of my favourite parts, it’s such a moving instrument and adds a real depth to the songs. One of the reasons I love these EPs so much is that, in part, they feel like completely new songs. The changes bring new depth and emotion to the table. I know I’ll be listening to these non-stop for a while now.

As if we weren’t in love with these boys enough, these songs are free to download until Jan 18th. Make sure you watch  the video and download these songs whilst you still can – it is not something you’ll regret.


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