Fiction Act – Everywhere

London alt-rock band Everywhere recently released their second EP ‘Fiction Act’ following the success of their acclaimed track ‘Some Other Dude’. This EP saw them travelling to Stockholm, Los Angeles and London to work with various producers, including American hit-maker Mark Needham (The 1975, The Killers). ‘Fiction Act’ is an EP that fits beautifully into the sound of the Alt charts at the moment and I loved every second of it.

It was EP track ‘Heroine’ that acted as the single and it did its job perfectly. It encapsulates the sound of the band, with their blend of electro-pop and rock that brings to mind the sound of The 1975 and the anthemic style of The Killers. For me, this song is one of the best from this EP and I listened to it over and over; singing along before it had finished first time round. The feel-good vibes are near impossible to ignore and had me bouncing along and smiling.

Another favourite from this EP would be ‘Shades At Night’, which opens the EP and had me hooked within seconds. Comfortably familiar yet sprinkled with brilliant twists, this song doesn’t try hard to be different. Instead, it feels like it could be sprinkled into radio as it is and would easily align with bands with everyday air play.

‘Let It Go’ hooked me from the very beginning and ended the EP leaving me wanting more. This EP just wets your appetite, hinting at a band just beginning to bloom with so much more to offer. If you’re able to draw your mind from enchanting melody, haunting lyrics that seem to fade in and out of focus through the song speak to the heart and soul of a listener. The last line sticks to you for days; “to keep her love, I’ve got to let it go”.

This EP bodes well for the future, Everywhere already has millions of YouTube views and have toured (and performed) with bands like Kaiser Chiefs, but I believe that this band is built for more. They’ll be headlining Camden Rock’s “All Dayer” at Proud in London. Follow them on social media to stay updated on tour news and new music and grab yourself a copy of the EP.

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