The Best of 2016

2016 has been insanely good for this site, it was our first full year and looking back at all the things I’ve been lucky enough to get involved in always puts a smile on my face. Choosing just a few of my favourites has been difficult, but below is a list of some of my favourite moments from this year.

The most viewed page this year is the interview I did with Brad Heaton, whom is a brilliant concert photographer and has been on tour with twenty one pilots on their Emotional Roadshow World Tour and American tour. I have a lot of love for Brad – he’s insanely talented and his photos continue to get better and better; each time I see them I can’t help but wonder just how he’ll top it this time and I’m impressed every single time. It was a close call this year, with my interview with Mark Eshleman of Reel Bear Media (the extremely talented videographer with a skill for photography) coming in a close second – so congrats to the brilliant media team supporting twenty one pilots at the moment

Interviewing Jesse Cale was undoubtedly the highlight of my year. He is a genuinely lovely guy and it was the most fun I’d ever had in an interview, I came away with cheeks that hurt from smiling so much. We spoke music, books and cats and honestly I could have spoken to him for hours. If you haven’t ordered his book already then you should go do that, also make sure to request him in your city for him and Ashley (sister of the awesome Josh Dun) to visit on their book tour. Keep an eye out for more exciting projects – this deep feeling magic being won’t stop creating any time soon.

This year has been full of live shows, barely a month has gone by where I’ve not been to a gig. As per usual, twenty one pilots blew me away. This year I’ve seen them a total of three times, twice at Alexandra Palace and earlier in the year in Birmingham. All three of these shows are ones I’ll never forget, but the Alexandra Palace shows marked something special. I experienced the best show from two new angles, met the most wonderful people and left feeling like no other live show could live up to those standards. The visuals were engaging and the band interacted with the crowd in a way that made that massive room feel like an intimate gig. The band has taken off this year, bagging several well-deserved live performance awards – it really is a show that every concert lover should experience.

However, this wasn’t the only great live show and I can’t not mention Hands Like Houses‘ last minute gig in Southampton. Supported by Glass Foundations, these two bands created a night I won’t be forgetting any time soon. Being barricade to experience both these bands blow it out the water was insane, in such an intimate venue it was impossible not to think how both bands are destined for much larger rooms. I can’t wait to see what’s next  for both these bands and recommend you take any opportunity you get to see them live.

2016 has brought us a lot of brilliant new music. Since starting university I’ve discovered artists that I likely wouldn’t have listened to (until they make it big and are on radio everyday). And for me, the album of the year goes to one of those artists. Bry has been one of my favourite discoveries of the year, after seeing him open for twenty one pilots I fell in love and his self-titled album is a brilliant debut. The album is a roller-coaster of emotions that showcase everything Bry has to offer in an open and beautiful plea that really hits you. Bry is touring the UK and Europe next year, so if you haven’t already then you should go grab some tickets.

I have good feelings about this next year and hope all of you have had a happy 2016 and that 2017 holds even more magic for you. Let me know what your best moments have been below!

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