What’s Your Favourite Track From Twenty One Pilots’ Album ‘Vessel’?

Twenty One Pilots’ Vessel turns 4 today. This was their first major label album and marked the beginning of their US rise. Singles ‘Car Radio’ and ‘Holding On To You’ caught the attention of US radio stations and captured the hearts of fans all over the world with their relatable lyrics.

I want to know what your favourite track from the album is. Vote below and comment at the bottom to tell me why.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Track From Twenty One Pilots’ Album ‘Vessel’?

  1. hmm as for me it would be really hard to choose just 1 song….so let me pick 3 of them 😀 House of Gold (as the lyrics are showing my future (i hope) relantionship with my son (if I will have any) :D, Migraine (i just fall in love in this song when i heard it in live session) and of course Car Radio! During this song my heart just is beating really hard!

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    1. You can vote more than once 😉 And like you, I can’t pick one song as a favourite. Car Radio was the first song I heard by them, so is very special to me, but so many of the lyrics speak to my heart in such a beautiful way that so many of them are important to me.

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