What We Could Have Been – Vesperteen

This brilliant ‘What We Could Have Been’ video features Vesperteen fans (or the Vesperteam) from around the world and I love it. Fun and energetic, this video encapsulates not only Vesperteen, but the fans that have rallied around him.

The song itself has been around for a while, we celebrated the release on the site late last year with an awesome signed bundle giveaway. It’s funky as hell and brilliantly unique, standing out in a sea of similar songs. ‘What We Could Have Been’ is a perfect party tune, it gets you moving like most Vesperteen songs and has an energy that is larger than life.

Colin Rigsby, or Vesperteen, reached out through Twitter for help from the Vesperteam to make an unforgettable video. From the very first tweet I loved the idea and couldn’t wait to see the results. The Vesperteam worked together – jumping to come up with the craziest, most exciting ideas. Seeing the finished product is super exciting, it features hundreds of clips sent in by fans all edited by Colin himself.

This year is off to a fantastic start, and for Vesperteen I’m sure it is only going to get better. Vesperteen are playing some shows around the US so make sure you can keep an eye out for dates near you. This is not an artist you want to miss out on.

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