This Is Goodbye – Imminence

Imminence return with their latest single ‘This Is Goodbye’, with the release of this single came the announcement of their album of the same name coming in March.  This lead single definitely promises a brilliant album.

‘This Is Goodbye’ captures everything this band has to offer, bringing aspects from all their songs together in an unforgettable little bundle. Clean vocals are reminiscent of ‘Mark On My Soul’, dark and brooding electric sounds, roaring guitars and powerful screams come together to create this anthemic rock sound.

The video for this song is also beautifully shot, focusing on a live performance from the band it is sharp and captivating; promising a band that is doing the same. There was no need for a fancy video here, with these visuals perfectly accompanying the song and allowing those watching to fall in love completely with the song and the band themselves.

For me, ‘This Is Goodbye’ is my favourite song that Imminence have put forward and I am so excited to see where they will go. This is a song that demands to be listened to and remembered; made by a band that is only growing stronger.


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