Palisades – Palisades

Palisades’ self-titled album is a promising gift to the world of alternative rock. Seamlessly blending aspects from all styles of music, this album jumps from the electronic style that Palisades have come to be associated with, to heavy rock similar to Bring Me The Horizon, to pop-rock that is not unlike All Time Low. The album showcases everything this band has to offer – and it is a lot.

‘Aggression’ kicks the album off, immediately dragging the listener in. This song had me hook, line and sinker from the first few seconds. For me, it was the decider in my love for the album. Despite it being 7 in the morning, I was jumping around my room humming along to this tune. It is a glimpse into the oncoming journey through an album that is intent on presenting you with brilliant music, rather than focusing on sticking to a genre.

A strange leap from the anthemic rock sounds of ‘Aggression’; ‘Cold Heart (Warm Blood)’ begins with a pop-rock sound that had me intrigued straight away. Jumping from clean, pop-rock vocals into emotional screams that convey all the feelings wrapped up in this song, in this song and this album we witness Palisades bring together every asset they have to create genius tracks. It was not a sound I expected from this album, but if these tracks have shown me anything it’s that Palisades could pull off anything.

Melodic song ‘Better Chemicals’ is my favourite from this album. It’s a track that I’ll be singing at work or in the shower and could listen to on repeat for months. I think, again, this song encapsulates everything that Palisades are; a wonderful mish-mash of rock sounds combined to create something a little different that definitely sets them apart from the crowd.

Palisades demonstrate a mature band that are not afraid to experiment and it all payed off. Each song feels vital to the feel of the album and exposes and highlights all the various strengths this band has. Unlike some albums, each song has its own energy and sound, making the album a truly unique and captivating experience. Songs that are raw with emotion hit even harder with roaring anthemic sounds.

If you haven’t bought this album already then I suggest you do it as soon as you can. For me, this is the best album of the year so far and probably my favourite from the past few years. Palisades are a band that grabbed my attention with the release of ‘Fall’ and I’ve been in love ever since. Keep an eye out for tour dates to catch this incredible band live.


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