twenty one pilots have released a music video for ‘Heavydirtysoul’

twenty one pilots have been teasing the release of one more music video from their award-winning album ‘Blurryface’ with cryptic tweets from the Blurryface account, photos on their instagram and more photos from people working on set. The captivating video for ‘Heavydirtysoul’ dropped today and it is fire – literally.

Shot by the same director behind ‘Heathens’, this video features Josh Dun playing a drum kit on fire and Tyler being driven by a disappearing character shrouded in darkness. His car falls apart; sparking the fire consuming Dun’s drums as he plays on regardless in the middle of the road. We see the continued use of Tyler’s black paint, used at every stage show and in all the video’s from the ‘Blurryface’ era, used as a representation of his character that represents all his insecurities.

Ultimately, this video raises more questions about this song, this band and this story than it answers, but what remains clear is that twenty one pilots are not cracking under the pressure of added fame and expectations. Instead they continue to flourish, making videos that are undeniably theirs. In the very last 20 seconds of this video we see the camera return to a fully-intact car with Tyler sat in the back, just making us question exactly what we saw and what this band who have so much to tell us are intending to say.

One question remains; is Blurryface dead or shall we be hearing more from him with the new era? Let me know your thoughts below.

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