With Confidence @ The Joiners, Southampton – 25/02/2017

This show was an odd one; for once it was the opening acts I was there to see rather than With  Confidence. Broadside are a band I’ve been following for a while and was overjoyed to get the chance to see this incredible pop-punk band live. Milestones are a band who I had discovered quite recently and loved. However, as with most shows, each band was incredible in their own right and a true pleasure to watch. The show brought in a range of pop-punk sounds, even venturing into other genre’s with Safe To Say. Joiners was a brilliant venue for all these bands, allowing an intimacy which really played into their hands when winning over the crowd.


Milestones started the night off with a bang. This 5-piece from Manchester were clearly in love with what they were doing and that energy was infectious, there wasn’t a person in the room who wasn’t at least nodding along. You had the hardcore fans at the front who knew every  word and were intent on screaming it back to them and the people who had no clue who they were, but by the end of their short set every person in that room was moving and I was desperate for more. If this Fearless Records band continues on this track then they will only get better, I can’t wait to hear what else they have to offer.

Out of the opening bands, Broadside received the most emphatic reaction from the crowd. There were fans screaming along, throwing their hands up in the air and dancing along nearly as madly as singer Ollie Baxxter. Their stage presence as demanding, with pop punk lyrics that offer a little more than what’s on the surface. It was impossible to drag your eyes from the stage, between Nile’s impressive guitar playing, headbanging and spinning and Ollie’s sick dance skills. For me, Broadside stole the limelight – they blew the night apart and won over the crowd within seconds. It was their first visit to the UK, but something tells me it won’t be the last.

A similarly impressive band was Safe To Say. Initially I was unsure about them, their sound being so massively different from all the other bands on the line-up, but they put it best; “music is music”. They had people’s eyes glued to the stage with twinkly, hypnotising guitars and raw, haunting vocals; they provided a set that broke up a pop-punk overload. This band from Canada were also in the UK for the first time and they too won over the crowd, their individual and unique sound allowed them to fill a spot on stage that we didn’t know was missing. Their individuality was a welcome surprise and I’m totally in love with them.


Unfortunately, due to busses I missed nearly half of With Confidence’s set, but the parts I was able to see told me this band’s live performance is brilliant. Their hold on the crowd was concrete and it was just like listening to the album.With Confidence seemed to be emulating 5 Seconds Of Summer whom they’ve grown up with and supported. This intimate venue allowed for more connection with the crowd which they really took advantage of. They undeniably had the girls screaming, seemingly having more of a cult following than the other bands.

If you get the chance to catch any of these bands live then I recommend you take it. Personally, Broadside took the crown with the way they won over the room and their presence on stage. It was impossible to turn away. Trust me when I say you’ll want to see them live. We were lucky enough to meet many of the band members after the show and they were all genuinely lovely people and bought some EPs and albums. Support these bands however you can – going to gigs, buying music or getting merch.

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