Dodie @ The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth – 19/3/17

Dodie’s headlining show at The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth was to support the release of her debut EP ‘Intertwined‘. Alongside her was Rusty Clanton, another YouTuber from Nashville. These two fitted together seamlessly and stole the attention of everyone in the room. The venue was lovely; perfect for two twinkly indie singers. It was packed from front to back, with people (like me) sitting on top of tables in order to see the stage.

Rusty Clanton opened the show. His 30 minute set won me over completely. Simple melodies and beautiful vocals had me completely hypnotized for the entire show. It left me desperate to see him again (and the most relaxed I’ve felt in weeks). The venue was absolutely silent in their admiration as he sang – a rarity at many gigs. For artists with a voice like Rusty’s there is no need for fancy lights or dancing around, it was him and his guitar and that was more than enough – evoking cheers from the crowd more than once with his incredibly impressive voice. It was a stunning set that demonstrated just how brilliant Rusty is and has left me excited for the future.

When Dodie took the stage it was clear just how the crowd felt about her, with screaming and shouting echoing off the walls. Fans sang every word back at her, even harmonizing with her, clearly having memorized every intonation of each song this YouTube star has. The Intertwined Tour was to support her EP of which she played every song. It was like one of her videos come to life; she performed each song flawlessly and shared insights to her life.

She performed a new song ‘In The Middle’ which provided an upbeat change in tempo halfway through her 50 minute set that was much needed. This new sound indicates a possible new direction for Dodie to take in her music, which creates more excitement and anticipation for her fans concerning the future of her career. A mish-mash of genres, it’s a song that doesn’t seem to keep still and had both the crowd and the band reacting in much the same way.

(Not from the Bournemouth date)

Dodie interacted with the crowd in a way that you would expect from her; relaxed and friendly. A persona recognisable from her videos meant that the intimacy between the crowd and her was even deeper due to the feeling of an existing relationship. She had the crowd chuckling during the 30 second ‘Life Lesson’ and had people teary-eyed during some of the more emotional songs. Many of which touch upon serious issues like sexuality and mental health struggles.

Both Rusty and Dodie performed beautifully. They created a wonderful relaxed and intimate vibe that made the concert memorable and allowed the audience to focus on the quality of their music rather than fancy lights and choreography. I recommend getting your hands on a copy of their EP’s and trying to catch them at a show – this was the last date on the tour so unfortunately you’ll be unlikely to catch them together again for a while. However, they will undoubtedly be playing with some other brilliant artists and are truly worth seeing live. I’m excited to see what these two artists have in store for us in the future.

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