Jon Bellion @ O2 Shepherds Bush, London – 6/4/17

Jon Bellion took London by storm. His ‘Human Condition Tour’ hit the O2 Shepherds Bush last week and blew everyone away. The venue had been upgraded due to popular demand and was packed from front to back, there didn’t seem to be a single space in the entire venue. He was supported on the night by Blaque Keyz, who has featured in many songs with Jon in the past. This show was unforgettable.

Blaque Keyz kicked off the night with an amazing amount of energy. There was barely a moment where he wasn’t moving around the stage. A support act is supposed to warm up the crowd and he definitely did that. High-fives and jokes aplenty, it was a set that won over the heart of the crowd. Complete with a brilliant game involving completing the lyrics of songs he joined Jon Bellion on. He knew how to get the crowd jumping and singing and bouncing along. It was a brilliant set and I’d love to see and hear more from this energetic and loveable rapper.

When Jon Bellion hit the stage the excitement was tangible. The band were on stage for about a minute soaking in the screams that greeted them – and they hadn’t even started yet! The energy built by Blaque Keyz only increased with every song. The crowd were so energetic I could feel the balcony I was sitting on moving with the beat.

One of his most popular songs ‘Guillotine’ was mixed up for the live performance, becoming much more upbeat and helping keep that energy up. At times it was hard to hear Jon over the screaming, but he performed brilliantly. He was joined throughout his set by Travis Barker, who does vocals (and is officially feautured) on Guillotine. I’ve got to say – he blew me away. I was astounded by what his voice could do so flawlessly and with ease. Alongside Jon Bellion who is a musical genius I found myself wondering if I had found heaven.

The crowd was insane. Their energy did not waver for a single second; whether they were jumping around or screaming the words back. At various times throughout the show I saw someone holding up a pineapple, people crowd-surfing and amazingly a mosh-pit during the encore.

The show flew by and with the encore came a moving speech by Jon Bellion to not let anything stop you achieving your dreams and to love one another. After high-fiving the people around you as commanded by the band the crowd were gifted with two brilliant songs that ended the night on an energetic and astounding high. One of my all time favourite songs ‘Jim Morrison’ featured and had the crowd going wild.

This was a night I won’t soon forget; the performances were incredible and the crowd unstoppable. If you ever get an opportunity to see Jon Bellion live I highly recommend you take it. Everyone involved in this project was amazingly talented, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more music and shows from this talented bunch.

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