Imminence – This Is Goodbye

I’ve been following this band closely since the release of their first single for this impressive album. This album has been on repeat since its release a few weeks ago. With this album, Imminence present a mature band, refining their rock sound and combining it with electronic sounds and folk undertones. ‘This Is Goodbye’ is my favourite album of this year so far, if you haven’t heard it then you’re missing out.

Title track ‘This is Goodbye‘ opens the album, giving listener’s a clear sign of what is to come. This album is brimming with energetic rock songs that were created to pack venues and be screamed back at them. Imminence move towards a sound similar to bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Linkin Park. This mainstream sound is a welcome change; these are songs I could blast in my car and listen to for hours and hours.

‘Broken Love’ is an extremely catchy electronic song that will stay in your head for days. It is exactly the type of rock track you expect to hear on the radio. This mainstream rock sound allows for Imminence to open their music up to a wider audience. Imminence are experts at capturing emotion and the raw feelings in this song bubble over. They have not sacrificed honesty for a ‘mainstream’ sound, rather have matured towards a sound that allows them to connect with more people.

This album is full of songs that have something to say; ‘Diamonds’ looks at self-love and ‘Keep Me’ explores unrequited love. Not one song on this album is the same, each exploring it’s own topic and each with its own message. ‘Keep Me’ is one of my favourites on this album (which is a hard decision as they are all so amazing!). It is incredibly captivating, pulling you in with the very first lines. I first heard the acoustic version and when I heard the normal song in all it’s guitar-filled glory I fell in love all over again. For me, this song encapsulates everything I love about this album; relatable and heartfelt lyrics accompanied by roaring anthemic rock sounds.

The album ends with 3 fabulous acoustic recordings that completely blew me away. This band is more than just anthemic rock sounds, they prove over and over again that they have the brilliant vocals to tie it all together. These stripped down songs just serve to further highlight what a talented band they are.

This young band from Sweden have made their mark on the scene and will continue to rock for years to come. Their journey has only just begun, but Imminence have made their mark on our souls and will not be a name to forget. Make sure to get your hands on the album and follow the band on social media to keep up to date with releases and tours. This is a band that has started its rise; I’m keen to capture them on their way up.

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