Mansionz – Mansionz

This unique and crazily wild album has uprooted the music world. Mansionz is the musical project of Blackbear and Mike Posner and sees them collaborate with many other artists. This album is a sincere mismatch of heartfelt self criticism and lyrics that will leave you questioning everything. Importantly, it’s an album that finds its way to your heart no matter what music you enjoy.

Each song has a story to tell, ranging from love, hate, sex, drugs and horses. Mike Posner, known best for his hits ‘You Think You’re Cooler Than Me’ and ‘I Took A Pill Ibiza’, shows a whole new side. Rapping and singing, Mike surprised me on this album as it was not what I expected from him – but I loved it. Blackbear yet again blew me away with his vocals. The combination of Blackbear and Mike’s musical style gives an original and addictive sound that I haven’t heard anywhere else.

From heartbreak to lust, this album covers everything meaning this album has your back no matter the occasion. With collaborations with G Eazy, Spark Master Tape, Dennis Rodman, Snoozegod and Cyhi Da Prince, this album doesn’t nestle perfectly into any genre. Whilst each artist brings their own style to a song, creating such a spectrum of music in one place, the album seems to follow the same themes. Although Mike Posner and Blackbear seem like very unlikely partners, the music they create is euphoric; it is impossible to turn it off!

My favourite songs on this album have to be ‘stfu’, ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘Dennis Rodman’. These are the songs that stick in your head for days. ‘Stfu’ follows in the vein of Blackbear, something that could quite easily be taken from one of his albums. ‘Gorgeous’ is one of the love songs this album has and it really hits you. Complete with beautiful lyrics, the music, just as the title suggests, is gorgeous. I can’t get enough of this song! Then you have ‘Dennis Rodman’, a song that sticks out on this album. Infectiously catchy, this song has a deep base and an upbeat atmosphere, sliding towards the Hip Hop genre but not quite reaching it.  Dennis himself features in this song, making it all the more poignant. Like many of the songs on this album, it is unapologetically him. This interesting song leads into one of the most interesting tracks I’ve ever heard on an album.

Perhaps the most intriguing song on this album is ‘I’m Thinking About Horses’. As I listened to this song for the first time I was confused and shocked. Each time I listen to it, it raises more questions than answers but remains one of my favourite tracks on the album. Not quite a song, this spoken word track resembles the wild, unstructured stream of conscious. Preformed by Mike Posner, it raises questions as to who’s thoughts these are and how real they truly are. I love this track because of the originality of the presentation and the raw honesty it presents. This song is vulnerability, and Mansionz rock it.

This is an album you have to experience first hand. If you haven’t heard it already, then I recommend listening to it as soon as possible. It defies expectations; just make sure you listen to it in order to get the most from it.



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