I Never Loved Before I Found You – Front Porch Step

Front Porch Step is back, with an album full of pain and apologies. His new album ‘I Never Loved Before I Found You’ is a definite move from the sound from his previous album; rather than his voice accompanied by a guitar we get a new, fuller sound. Every song on this album has a different message, all of them originating from pain, loss and hurt. I absolutely loved Aware (his previous album) because of the acoustic vibes and honest lyrics, which focused on break ups, cheating and the loss of his grandmother. It seems that Jake McElfresh has continued with this raw, honesty on this brilliant album.

After being away from social media and the studio for quite sometime after some serious accusations, this new album really presents the emotions Jake was been feeling throughout the whole ordeal. Jake was dropped from his label, therefore this album is self-released, which really shows his musical talent and initiative. Though a contraversial return, this album does not shy away from these issues and instead tackles them head-on in many of the songs on the album like ‘So Help Me God’.

The song I can’t stop listening to is ‘Burned’. This song shows his development in sound. It starts off like his older stuff, mentioning pain and religion, but the chorus progresses into a fuller sound. As the first song of the album, it perfectly introduces the evolution of Jake’s sound. Without a label, Jake has more freedom with the direction of his music, which seems to be paying off in this album. ‘Burned’ was the single for this album and it was a choice that worked in Front Porch Step’s favour. It encapsulates the sound and motives of the album and listeners would know straight away whether they would like this new sound.

‘Quick to Run’ is the fourth song on the album and would not have been out of place if it were on ‘Aware’. Sad, slow and stripped; this melancholy song is a clear sign of the change in sound. If this song had been on the previous album, the soaring atmospheric violins and moving piano would have been missing – reducing the emotional impact this song has. This song is perhaps the most moving on the album, a heart-wrenching cry to a higher power filled with self-deprecation and tinged with hope for the future. It is songs like these, which litter the album, that draws a listener in. These songs make you feel and highlights the talent possessed by Front Porch Step.

This is an album that highlights the talent of Front Porch Step and despite the very serious accusations against him, it is an album I can’t help but fall in love with. Each song screams honesty, with an emotional roller-coaster that leaves you wanting to hear more. Though Jake has announced he won’t be touring and is making music because he loves it, I am excited to see what else is in store for this talented singer-songwriter.


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