Don Broco – Pretty

Don Broco used arguably the most genius marketing scheme for their most recent single ‘Pretty’. A live-stream wedding turned out to be the release of a rather dark, yet captivating, music video. This song really encompasses the band’s sound and has me very excited for new music.

The song itself is fairly dark and grungy, however it is unmistakably Don Broco. Rob’s unique vocal tones, paired with the electronic beats really capture the listener. For me, ‘Pretty’ is one of the songs that best melds the talents of each band member seamlessly. Whilst it isn’t exactly the stereotypical summer song, this track will be in stuck in your head regardless.

If the song isn’t stand-out enough, then the video will definitely be ingrained in your mind. The twisted video shows Rob cutting off the face of his band mate, Tom, in order to marry his wife instead. Don Broco used social media to promote a live stream of Tom’s ‘wedding’, instead debuting this song and winning the approval of many impressed fans.

‘Pretty’ has me wondering what direction new Don Broco music will take. I think it’s safe to assume that whatever it is will be both unexpected and brilliant. A band who appeared to have found a ‘safe sound’ have rocked the boat with this brilliantly dark song.

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