Neck Deep – Where Do We Go When We Go

Neck Deep have recently released ‘Where Do We Go When We Go’ from their upcoming album ‘The Peace and The Panic’. Whilst this song definitely doesn’t stray completely from the sound we expect from Neck Deep, it does highlight their talent in other ways.

‘Where Do We Go When We Go’ starts with a reinvented nursery rhyme that successfully introduces the song and it’s contents. This song has an amazingly catchy chorus that you’ll be humming all day long. It also has some crazy guitar riffs and drumming that’ll have you dancing around your room. Although there seems to be less focus on the lyrics, the rest of the band take the limelight and really show off their talents. It is a perfect song to blast out of your speakers during  the summer.

The music video follows the characteristics of a classic Neck Deep video; bright colours, sunny weather and fun. Although, there is a dark twist with the introduction of new characters, it highlights the depth the band are trying to achieve. The juxtaposition of the dark lyrics with this bright video help make this song and this video stand out. The video is fun and a brilliant companion to the song.

It’s release alongside ‘Happy Judgement Day’ demonstrated that the band are sticking to their roots, but at the same time, mixing it up a little.  This song is very similar to the style Neck Deep are known for, though I’m all for their experimenting if it leads to music like these two songs.

Make sure you pre-order your copy of ‘The Peace and The Panic’ and check out the tour for the album. ‘The Peace and The Panic’ comes out August 18th and something tells me it is going to be good.

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