Broadside – Paradise

Broadside’s new album ‘Paradise’ pushes the boundaries of genre. When I spoke to the band earlier this year, they suggested that this album would show Broadside in a new light and they weren’t wrong. The album features songs that wouldn’t have been out of place on ‘Old Bones’ and other songs that could easily be on mainstream radio. ‘Paradise’ has something for everyone, if you haven’t heard Broadside yet then I recommend you change that.

With this album Broadside make it clear that they want their songs to have a serious message. Songs like ‘Laps Around The Picture Frame’ explore serious issues that allow listeners to really connect with the band. ‘LATPF’ explores anxiety, in particular anxiety attacks, and is influenced heavily by real world experiences. As someone with anxiety, like many people, this song reminds me I’m not alone. This song was the first I’ve really heard Dorian sing lead and he rocked it, this track is one of my favourites on the album. It is also a track that inspires conversation, with Ollie singing at one point “I’m not the girl I was raised to be”, though he has explained that this was inspired by the story of a friend which he put into song. ‘LATPF’ is a vehicle to allow people to openly discuss anxiety and anxiety attacks and the way it affects each of us. I would love to see this song performed live, I think it has an infectious energy and is one of those songs that would leave everyone in the room feeling lighter.

That’s not to say their songs are entirely serious (although each has an important message), the band have their fair share of fun. ‘Miss Imperius’ is inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter. This entire album is full of fun and clever phrases and titles, but beneath it all are very serious and important messages. Broadside are reaching out to their fans and connecting with them on every available level, ‘Paradise’ is a masterpiece of an album. A reoccurring feature is the mentioning of equality and the strength of females – see ‘Hidden Colours’ which tells girls they’re more than what’s on the surface and that beautiful is the “power of a strong woman chasing her own dreams”. To hear a band actively putting these messages into their music is inspiring to be heard by the world.

‘I Love You. I Love You. It’s Disgusting’ is not the anti-love song you’d expect. After reading this stand-out title I figured it would follow the lines of ‘Come & Go’ which Ollie explained to me earlier this year. I could not have been more wrong. The final track on the album is a beautifully emotive track that explores a relationship and the dreams for the future. If this song does not play at my wedding I will cry. This song right here is first dance material. Ollie’s voice takes centre stage, with this track being the most stripped on the album; featuring just a ukulele. After one listen I connected with it, instantly sending it to my girlfriend and telling her this is our brand new song.

‘Paradise’ is an album that inspires you to chase those dreams and make them a reality. This album really sets Broadside apart for me, if you haven’t already bought ‘Paradise’ then you are missing out. Keep an eye out for tour dates because these guys put on an insanely fun show that you will not want to miss. UK fans can catch them supporting Trash Boat in September.

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