Neck Deep – In Bloom

Neck Deep released their new song, “In Bloom”, yesterday and it was met with mixed reviews from fans. Although there have been a lot of people that don’t like this song, Neck Deep have told their fans that they need to hear the whole album before they make any final decisions. 

“In Bloom” is the third single from ‘The Peace and The Panic’, which is set for release on August 17th. I love this song and though a lot of the older fans feel like they are selling out, I feel like the band are growing and evolving. It is impossible for a band to recreate the same sound over and over.. Not only would that be awful for some bands, but it would also be boring an repetitive. It’s exciting to hear where Neck Deep are taking their sound.

The music video is very Neck Deep; all bright and colourful. The most dominant difference to previous videos is the simplicity. This video is truly the band and their music, it’s like a modern version of back to basics. I love this band and everything they do, they support their fans and care so much about what they create and the feedback they get. It almost contradicts the message of the song which deals with such a serious issue; focusing on mental health within relationships. But, perhaps this is a message meant to lift us up – we are not alone, we can talk about these things and they don’t need to be so complex.

If you haven’t listened to Neck Deep before, then get onto YouTube and check them out. This band from Wales really know how to put on a show. Don’t forget to buy a copy of their new album The Peace and The Panic being released on the 17th of August.

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