The Script – Rain

The Script are back after two years in the studio with their single ‘Rain’ and it marks a new era for them. ‘Rain’ is definitely a step away from the sound fans initially associate with this band. Their fifth album is yet to get a release date.

When I first heard this song I thought I’d played the wrong one, I could not believe that it was Danny O’Donoghue singing. Initially I was not a fan, but as the song went on it grew on me. ‘Rain’ will thrive on the radio and fits right into the popular music right now, though it takes some getting used to for fans who have been there since the start. The band move from pub anthems to dance anthems and whilst it is slightly unexpected it is not unwelcome.

‘Rain’ manages to simultaneously be a sad song whilst being upbeat. The video captures the feeling well – you just want to dance. The electronic beat is infectious, the lyrics catchy; it has all the makings of a hit song. If you heard this song on the radio your first thought may not be of The Script, but you’d definitely want it on your summer playlists.

More electronic than the last album, it’s exciting to see how The Script will develop their sound on the coming album. We have two years of evolution to witness, so really it is no wonder the change comes with a slight shock. ‘Rain’ undoubtedly raises questions about the direction the band will take, sounding suited for radio and certainly those summer night parties.

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