Neck Deep – The Peace and The Panic

Neck Deep have been building anticipation for their latest album ‘The Peace and The Panic’ for months with the release of some brilliant singles. Their evolution has truly shown what this band are made of, refining their sound further and really pushing the boundaries of genre. Whilst some fans have initially been unhappy with this change, it seems to me this is for the better.

We previously talked about ‘Happy Judgement Day’ and ‘Where Do We Go When We Go’ and these songs are still on repeat now. They don’t lose their magic. The seamless combination of old and new Neck Deep, with the undertones of the Neck Deep old fans loved, allowed fans old and new to get excited for this album.

‘In Bloom’ was the last single released, about a week before the album itself. For me, it was this song that got me most excited. Infectiously catchy, you find yourself humming this song for days. Although we have also talked about this song, it is my favorite on the album and I couldn’t not mention it again. This song emphasizes the importance of looking after mental health, especially within relationships.

Neck Deep have always stunned me with their acoustic songs and ‘Wish You Were Here’ is no different. This love song is one that will hold a place in my heart. This is a song that is completely open to the listener; is it about a lost love or death? Regardless, this song is a soothing melancholy journey that somehow leaves you feeling a little lighter and thinking of the people you love.

‘The Grand Delusion’ is an amazing song, they demonstrate their connection to their roots, but still show the direction that the band are taking. With their upcoming tour, this song is one that I would absolutely love to see live, as it has that crazy energy that goes hand in hand with gigs. With catchy lyrics and very recognizable melodies, this song has got to be another one of those songs that is on repeat before a night out.

If you’ve not heard this album yet then make sure you do, it really is a journey and at parts sounds like an entirely different band. If you want to support the band then try and get down to any of their UK shows this Autumn and keep an eye out for more tour dates and new music.



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