Filth – Day In Day Out

Trio ‘Filth’ are releasing their EP ‘Day In Day Out’ September 20th. The Oxford-based band combine alt-rock quirkiness with high-octane indie vibes, creating a perfect storm of brilliant, catchy music. As the band explained in our interview, ‘Day In Day Out’ explores our every day ordinary life and as such this is an EP for every day ordinary people.

‘Same Old Him’ kicked it all off for me with a smile. It brings to mind old Arctic Monkey’s and the most alternative The 1975 in a beautiful unison. The energy of this song is infectious, mentally transporting you to the dream show. Yeah, the kind of show where you leave a few pounds lighter, bone tired and extremely happy. I really fell in love with this song and I’m excited to see what else is in store for this band.

Following in the same vein is ‘Out All Night’, with guitars that really take centre stage and shape the feel of the song. It has a very throwback sound; I can imagine this song spinning on a vinyl. What I love about these songs is their unapologetic honesty, crooning ‘I should have knocked him out when I had the chance to’ is not an experience belonging to only one person. Their simultaneous raw and polished sound is a welcome change to the computer generated perfection of most modern music.

This is a band you can picture with the same cult following of bands like Arctic Monkeys and The 1975. Original enough to be quirky, within the ‘boundaries’ of genre enough to be cool, Filth have found their own place in the indie world. Don’t miss out on this brilliant EP from Filth.


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